The White Dragon's Cave

     After exiting Burg, you will need to travel north along the mountains, around the top of the range, and then south to the cave.

     Once you enter the cave, you will find that your way is blocked by a huge ball of ice. Alex will automatically use the Flame Ring (don't worry, it will still be in your inventory after he gets done with it) to melt the ice. Continuing on, you will come across some easy enemies. My advice, is fight EVERY enemy you encounter. This will make your party much stronger and your life easier. You can always run back to Burg and use Althena's Statue if you need healing.

     Along the way, you will notice small blocks of ice blocking paths, especially one that makes a nice little shortcut to the cave's entrance. You can break these by getting the Albino Baboons to chase you, then move out of way letting the creatures hit the ice block, breaking it for you. It takes a little practice to get the timing down, but it is well worth it. The layout of this cave is fairly straightforward and there are not a lot of places to go, so just follow the path around until you reach a bunch of ice blocks. If you are able to, get one of the Albino Baboons to break the ice block that makes a shortcut to the entrance (the northernmost one), and go back to Burg to heal up and possibly buy a Small Shield and Iron Gauntlets for everyone.

     When you return, continue on using the shortcut. There is only one way to go, so take it. Eventually, you will come to a small door with 4 ice pillars in front of it. Make sure everyone is at least Level 6 and head through the door. Upon entering the new room, the party meets Quark, the White Dragon. After Ramus tries to con a Diamond out of Quark, he agrees to give you one if you can fetch the Dragon Ring from the lower levels of the cave. Quark also heals your party before sending you on your merry little way. Head south and exit his lair.

     After you enter the main cave again, you'll notice that the previously impassable icewall to the left of Quark's lair is now gone. Head west to find the stairs going down.

     Once you take the stairs, the next 3 floors will be fairly straightforward. You need to lure the Albino Baboons to break the ice blocks to proceed and claim the treasures. The Dragon Ring is on the 3rd floor down. It is in the treasure chest in the west-central portion of the room. The other 2 chests within these floors hold 250 S and a Star Light. Once you acquire the Dragon Ring, take it back to Quark to get your Diamond. You will not be able to equip the Dragon Ring until Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, so for now just give it to Nall for safe keeping. Once you return and speak with Quark, he heals you and sends you on your way, but not before telling Alex that he awaits his return when he attains manhood. Walk out of the cave and back to Burg.

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