Introduction/Caldor Isle

     Before we start journeying in to the wonderfully rich world of Lunar, we need to set up some basic strategies. One, save often! I shouldn't have to say this one, but please do. It will save you alot of headaches if you lose a fight and haven't saved in a while. Second, talk to everyone more than once and at different times. The majority of Lunar's text (about 2 Megs worth) occurs after you talk to someone for the first time. Third, you will like Lunar much more if you take your time and exploit the game ( in other words, enjoy it!) compared to rushing through the game to beat it. Now, let us begin our fabulous journey. Oh! Please note that in this walkthrough, the words 'You' and 'Alex' are interchangable. Enjoy! (^_^)
In addition, you will come across animiated character pics as you read this walkthrough. They denote who is in your party at the time. For example, in the first section, the journey begins, you see Alex (Nall is always present except one VERY short storyline instance in Vane, so assume he is in your party at all times). This lets you know that just Alex is in your party. However, you will only see them if your party changes for some reason. So until your party changes, you won't always see them.
    You will also find that each Boss is pictured when you encounter it, along with all the stats for quick reference. The enemies are not since there are so damn many of them.
    One last thing, Silver is the currency in Lunar. So if you see something like 800 S, the S means Silver because I am too lazy to type the entire word out. (^_^)

The Journey Begins...

When the games begins, we find our young hero Alex and his flying friend Nall at Dyne's Memorial on a cliff just to the north of Burg. Your moment of meditation with your fallen hero is cut short by Nall's attack of ADD. He tells you that you are late again for practing with Luna for the Goddess Festival. Leave the monument and walk south. As you are walking, the ground shakes and Nall mentions that this was the 3rd tremor in a week! Just then, your fat best bud Ramus shows up and tells you that he is going on a treasure hunt to the White Dragon's Cave! Of course, you automatically agree. After Ramus bolts, continue south and enter Burg.

     Stop at home ( the first one you come to ) and talk with Alex's loving parents. Mom mentions that Luna is waiting at Burg Springs outside of town. Whoops! Looks like we know who is in a pile of do-do. Also check out the basement. You can't open the chests right now, but patience is a virtue. Leave your house and continue exploring Burg. As you cross the wood bridge, Nall mentions that he can hear Luna singing. Uh-oh. For now, just head Northeast to the springs, since none of the shops are open yet and you are about to get a righteous ass chewing from your woman.

    When you get to the Springs, you find Luna singing her heart out or la-la-la-ing if you prefer. So you whip out your harp and strum along. After your jam session, Nall lets the cat out of the bag and Luna tries laying a HUGE guilt trip on you to get you stay. She finally decides to go along to keep you out of trouble & suggests that you go raid the chests in the basement of your house first. Take her advice nab the chests. You will have to talk to Alex's dad first before you can open the chests though. He will give you some weapons and a Flame Ring. Once you open the chests, talk to Alex's mom and tell her you have made up your mind & are leaving to receive some much needed Silver. YAY!

     Once you finish in Alex's house, go to the village entrance and get Ramus in your party. Take this opportunity to talk with the townsfolk for some good laughs, but more importantly, go to the previously not open weapons shop. Sell the Angel's Tear and Star Light you got from the chests in the basement of Alex's house for a whopping 800 S. You should have enough to buy the Heavy Clothes for all 3 characters, and buy the Short Sword for Alex and the Poison Darts for Luna. You will have to sell their old equipment as needed to buy everything. Once you have everything equipped and you are properly prepared, head out town to the White Dragon's Cave.


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