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As this is a remarkably simple game, I'm going to keep this walkthrough as short and sweet as possible. If you're playing this game, I assume you have some basic knowledge of RPGs, especially of the old-school variety. Simply put, most of your time spent with this game will be leveling up, and I don't like to baby people by telling them how much to level up, what weapons to buy, etc. If you feel confident in your strength, go on in the game. If not, level up and/or buy new equipment. Remember, you're playing the game, not me!
Oh, and you may want to keep the map section handy. Those dungeons can be pretty tricky.

You begin the game in Dracoburgh. Use the money you got to buy yourself some stuff (I suggest a Dagger), and go outside and start leveling up. Keep fighting weak enemies and gain levels and money to buy yourself new and better weapons and armor. Get used to this, this is what most of the game is.
When you feel you're strong enough, head west into the forest maze (you may want to bring along a Boost; they are quite helpful). In the southern part of the forest is the Forest Cave. Your goal here is to rescue the first Dragon Child. Along the way, you may find 100 Gold and an Exploder. Defeat the Snake Grunger here (Boost is a big help) and talk to the Dragon Child to rescue him.
Level up some more until you can safely make it west of the forest maze and into the desert. Keep walking through the desert to the southwest, and you should happen upon this dragon. Keep talking to him until he offers you a brownie. Baked into the brownie will be the Copper Key! Huzzah!
Just northwest of that dragon is the town of Dragonfield Park. Hang out around town, gaining levels and buying yourself new equipment (you don't need to buy an Iron Armor or Iron Shield, since you'll soon find them for free...)
South of Dragonfield Park is another forest maze. In the southern part of this maze is the Abandoned Mine. Make sure you have the Copper Key, or you won't make it far. The most important treasures here are the Iron Armor and Iron Shield (you didn't buy them earlier, did you?). The Grunger King guarding the second Dragon Child is very tough. The best strategy is to use a Boost and start wailing away on him. You'll know if you're not powerful enough (you may even want to skip ahead to the next town and buy a better weapon if you're still having trouble). After beating him, talk to the Dragon Child to rescue him.
Now, go just south of the desert (just north of the forest), and head to the east. When you reach the river, go south until you find a bridge... cross it. Then go north a bit to arrive at Prestia. You know the drill. Level up a bit, buy new weapons and equipment (don't buy the Magic Shield yet), yadda, yadda. Also, Elixirs are for sale here. Be sure to stock up.
When you're strong enough, head southeast of Prestia, through the desert and you'll arrive at Allegard. Talk to the dragon here and he'll give you the Gold Key. If he doesn't, that means you forgot to rescue one of the Dragon Children.
Just south of Allegard is another cave. This one is much longer and trickier than the previous two. Bring your Gold Key, and a bunch of Elixirs, and if you keep getting lost, use the map this shrine provides. Also, don't forget to pick up the Magic Shield. Anyway, battle your way to the exit.
Just north of the Southern Cave's exit is Dragon Slayer's Castle. The most difficult enemies in the game hang out here, so be sure you're ready. On your way to the Dragon Slayer, you can find the best equipment in the game: The Dragon Flame, the Dragon Armor and the Dragon Shield. Be sure to find all three. At the end of the castle, you'll meet up with the Dragon Slayer. Use a Boost and start attacking, healing with an Elixir when you're hurt. If you've leveled up enough, you should win. If not, level up some more and try again.
Yay! You beat the game! Now get a job, hippie.

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