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Hive Revisited

Give the bronze sphere to Pharod (15000 exp) and ask him your questions. Don't forget to ask him to return what he took from your body, what he returns depends on your charisma:
· Note, 200 gold (10 CHR or less);
· Note, gehraise's ring, 250 Gold (11-14 CHR);
· Note, gehraise's ring, 3 bandages, 350 Gold (15 CHR).
After that, Annah will join your party. Head to where she found your body.
You're back in the Hive, and through the painted door is the path to where your body was found. But don't go through it yet, let's take care of some stuff in the Hive first.
Start by talking to Annah, ask for the stuff she took from your body (ring of the traveler). Then, ask about Pharod, and why he's looking for the bronze sphere (2500 exp).
She can also train you to be a thief if you so choose. When a thief, have her train you in the four thiveing skills (1000 exp and +3 to that skill per lesson). You can train her as well, providing you have at least 50 points in the skill you want to teach (she gets the same exp/bonuses you did).
Don't forget explore the other dialogue options as well.
Go into Fell's shop next, hopefully, you still have the severed arm you took from one of the crypts. Ask Dak'kon to translate and show the arm to Fell, there's a part where Dak'kon will say he can't translate, figure out he's lying (easy if you learned the Dabus' speech) and reason with him (750 exp). He'll then tell you a bit about your former companions, talk with Dak'kon again once your done with Fell to hear the rest.
Four new tattoos will be available at Fell's now, I usually buy them just for experience's sake.
Advice: When you're trying to find out the truth from Dak'kon, don't order him around. He won't like it.
Once out of the store, talk with Dak'kon about your travels, then about former companions. When you ask about the blind man you'll remember his name, Xachariah (3000 exp). If you've followed this walkthrough then you've already found out how you saved Dak'kon and all, so the rest of the conversation is kind of pointless.
Go see Emoric in the Gathering Dust Bar now. Tell him about Pharod and the bodies if you like (2500 exp + 300 copper), and about Soego as well (2500 exp). You'll be able to join the Dustmen once you've completed the Soego quest, and that's worth another 2500 exp, the Dead Truce ability and access to the dustmen vaults. If you join them and change your mind later, you can always leave the faction.
Head to the Mortuary now, go to the main floor and use the Stories-Bones-Tell ability on zombie #331. This old fellow is actually one of your previous comrades, Xachariah. Since you have already talked with Dak'kon about him, you'll be able to recognize the zombie. Keep talking with him until he tells you of the thing you left inside him. Get it using a scalpel (or your hands if you're strong enough), you'll get Xachariah's Liver and Heart (liver is useless, hearth is VERY useful :).
When you're leaving he'll ask you to kill him, might as well do so.
Other stuff to do before leaving the Hive:
· There's some though beasts called Black-Abishai roaming throught the Hive, they're worth 7000 exp each and they also respawn once you enter/leave an area. Use them to level up if you want;
· If you're feeling strong, now might also be a good time to challenge Ilquix;
· Go help Phineas with his rat problem if you haven't yet. Details;
· Finish up any pending quests you might have;
· Sell unnecessary stuff at the Hive market.
When you're done return to the painted door and go through it.
Shortly after you'll see a scene in where Pharod is attacked by shadows. With Pharod dead you can now access his Vault, check the Pharod's Vault section of the walkthrough for more details.

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