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Miscellaneous Maps

Endar Spire Command Module

Starting Quarters

Footlocker*: Medpac x2, Clothing, Short Sword
*Additional Gear is in footlocker dependant upon starting class:
Soldier: Blaster Rifle, Adrenal Stamina
Scout: Blaster Pistol, Cardio Package, Adrenal Alacrity
Scoundrel: Blaster Pistol, Security Spike, Computer Spike
Any: If you have ranks in Stealth, Stealth Field Generator
Party Member: Trask serves as guide. Leaves party once you reach the exit.

First Hallway

Enemies: Sith Soldier x2

Supply Room

Enemies: Sith Soldier x2
Republic Soldier Remains: Frag Grenade
Footlocker: Combat Suit, Long Sword, Short Sword, Frag Grenade x2
Metal Box: 10 Credits, Medpac

End of Intersection

Enemies: Sith Soldier x5
Parts Pile: 1 Parts


Enemies: Sith Soldier x2
Jedi Remains: Advanced Medpac, Adrenal Strength, Vibration Cell


Enemies: Sith Soldier x4 (You only fight 2)
Backpack: Blaster Pistol

Endar Spire Starboard Section


Enemies: Sith Trooper x1

Slicing and Repairing Tutorial Room

Enemies: Sith Soldier x2
Footlocker: Parts x7, Computer Spike x5
Console: Computer Spikes needed: 5 for Overload.
Combat Droid: Parts needed: 4 for Shields, 4 for Patrol.

Sith Troopers Room

Enemies: Sith Trooper x4, Sith Heavy Trooper x1
Sith Heavy Trooper: Ion Blaster, Prototype Vibroblade

Escape Pod Room

Party Member: Carth. Joins party once on Taris.

The Ebon Hawk

Party members will wait for you here when they are not in your party.
Party Members: Bastila, Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, T3M4, Canderous, Juhani, HK47, Jolee

Sasha: Can remove from ship. Can affect alignment. Find her after your first interstellar trip. Get rid of her on Dantooine (in a good way).
Hidden compartment: Spice. Can only be opened after receiving password on Korriban.
Galaxy Map: Can take you to various planets, after getting the first star map on Dantooine.
Mysterious Box: Can only be entered once. Get it at Korriban. Get rid of it on Tatooine.
Workbench: Able to upgrade items.

Inside the Mysterious Box

Rakatan: One very old Rakatan. Your only ticket out of here.

Yavin Station

Enemies: Trandoshan x7
Suvam Tan: Best Merchant in the game. Also the hardest Pazaak Player to beat.
Gizka: An annoying creature that gets in the way at the opportune moment. Similar to a Cat in that regard. Can become Enemy. Can affect alignment.
Trandoshan's Corpse x7: Advanced Medpac, Antidote Kit x2, Thermal Detonator x3, Credits x1000

Leviathan Prison Block


Juhani's Enemies: Sith Heavy Trooper
Enemies: Technician x3, Sith Guard
Sith Guard's Corpse: Starboard Cell Block Key
Contraband: Stealth Field Generator, Short Sword, Hair Trigger, Computer Spike x4, Pazaak Deck, Pazaak Card +1, Pazaak Card +2, Pazaak Card ±6
Riot Equipment: Stun Baton, Blaster Pistol x2, Combat Suit, Long Sword, Short Sword, Medpac x2, Advanced Medpac

Droid Maintenance

Decommisioned Droid: Parts needed: 1 to activate, 4 for weapons, 4 for targeting, 5 for shields, 6 to patrol.
Enemies: Technician (only if you start as HK-47)
Droid Upgrades: Droid Light Plating Type 3 x3, Droid Medium Plating Type 3, Droid Motion Sensors Type 3, Energy Shield Level 2, Advanced Stun Ray, Parts x5, Advanced Flame Thrower
Footlocker: Droid Motion Sensors Type 2, Droid Medium Plating Type 2, Flame Thrower, Stun Ray, Security Spike x2, Parts x6, Construction Kit x5

Medical Bay

Patient Gear: Any gear that was equipped on Canderous (only if you start as Canderous).
Medical Supplies: Medpac x3, Advanced Medpac, Life Support Pack, Nerve Enhancement Package, Retinal Combat Implant
Medical Supplies: Adrenal Alacrity, Adrenal Stamina, Adrenal Strength, Battle Stimulant, Antidote Kit x2, Medpac x2

Cell Block

Jolee's Enemies: Sith Guard
Enemies: Insane Rodian x3
Rodian Prisoner: Gives you an Icebreaker that's been where the sun don't shine, but only if you free him.


Enemies: Sith Trooper x5
Footlocker: Computer Spike x3, Sith Passcard
Locker x3: Medpac, Random Contents
Storage Box: Random Contents

Security Computer Room

Brig Terminal: Computer Spikes needed: 2 to Slice (0 if using Icebreaker),, 8 to Release cell force fields, 10 to Engage emergency riot system, 10 to Open detention area, 5 to reveal map.
Enemies: Technician x2
Storage Container: Parts x4, Computer Spike x4

Detention Area

Detention Terminal: Allows you to free your Companions. Freeing them is part of the Main Quest.
Party Members: Carth, Bastila, your PC, and Canderous are all here.
Locker: Unequipped items
Locker: Credits x2000
Backpack: Computer Spike x5, Security Spike Tunneler
Bandoleer: Mandalorian Assault Rifle
Footlocker: Random Contents

Leviathan Command Deck

Droid Maintenance

Enemies: War Droid x3, Assault Droid (once you turn it on)
Droid Upgrades: Droid Heavy Plating Type 3, Advanced Flame Thrower
Foot Locker: Advanced Repair Kit, Energy Shield Level 2, Repair Kit x2, Parts x3
Foot Locker: Superior Targeting Computer, Security Spike Tunneler, Security Spike x4

Security Computer Room 1

Computer Panel: Computer Spikes needed: 2 to Slice,, 10 to Activate experimental assault droid, 3 to Open all security doors, 5 to reveal map.

Barracks 1

Enemies: Sith Trooper x4, Sith Captain
Large locker: Random Contents
Large locker: Advanced Medpac, Medpac x2, Random Contents
Foot Locker x2: Random Contents

Barracks 2

Enemies: Sith Trooper x3


Deadly Frag Mine x2: DC 30 to Disable.
Space Suit: Space Suit
Security Equipment: Security Spike Tunneler x3
Grenades: Concussion Grenade x6
Grenades: Sonic Grenade x6
Grenades: Thermal Detonator x3
Gun Locker: Blaster Rifle x3
Gun Locker: Sith Assault Gun x3
Gun Locker: Disruptor Rifle, Light Repeating Blaster
Armor Locker: Powered Light Battle Armor x3
Armor Locker: Battle Armor x2, Durasteel Heavy Armor

Security Computer Room 2

Computer Panel: Same options as above.

Barracks 3

Enemies: Sith Trooper x6
Foot Locker x4: Random Contents

Medical Bay

Storage Cylinder x2: Random Contents
Medical Supplies: Medpac x2, Advanced Medpac, Bio-Antidote Package
Medical Supplies: Medpac x2, Hyper-adrenal Alacrity, Hyper-adrenal Stamina, Hyper-battle Stimulant

Bridge Storage

Decommisioned Droid: Parts needed: 1 to activate, 4 for weapons, 4 for targeting, 5 for shields, 6 to patrol, 6 to ram storage room doors.
Enemies: Dark Jedi Master x3
Deadly Flash Mine x2: DC 30 to Disable.
Foot Locker: Computer Spike x3
Foot Locker: Parts x3
Locker: Random Contents
Large locker: Medpac x2, Random Contents


Enemies: Sith Guard x5
Enemy Encounters: Sith Grenadier x12, Dark Jedi x4 (only after Saul is defeated). Grenadier's spawning is triggered one at a time.
Deadly Gas Mine: DC 30 to Disable.

Leviathan Bridge

Storage Area

Parts: Parts x2, Computer Spike x2, Shield Disruptor
Storage Cylinder x2: Medpac, Random Contents
Storage Cylinder: Advanced Medpac, Random Contents


Enemies: Sith Elite Trooper
Large locker: Advanced Medpac, Random Contents
Large locker x2: Medpac, Random Contents

Bridge Control Center

Computer Panel: Use to Open docking bay doors. Cannot slice.
Enemies: Admiral Karath, Sith Elite Trooper x4, Dark Jedi x2
Admiral Karath's Corpse: Credits x3700, Sith Assassin Pistol, Vibrosword, Heavy Battle Armor, Verpine Protype Shield


Enemies: Sith Grenadier x3

Leviathan Hangar


Enemies: Sith Trooper x6
Storage Cylinder x3: Medpac, Random Contents
Sith Training Room
Enemies: Dark Jedi Master, Dark Jedi x2
Foot Locker x2: Random Contents
Large locker x2: Random Contents
Large locker: Advanced Medpac x2, Random Contents

Hangar Control

Enemies: Sith Captain, Dark Jedi x2, Sith Heavy Trooper x4
Foot Locker x2: Advanced Medpac, Random Contents
Storage Cylinder x2: Medpac, Random Contents
Metal box: Random Contents

Hangar Bay Entrance

Enemies: Darth Malak. Really pitiful.

Star Forge Deck 1

Docking Deck

Welcoming Committee:Dark Jedi x4
Droid Rush:Assault Droids x4
Droid Ambush x6:Assault Droids x2
Jedi Battle:Dark Jedi x3
Exit Guards x2:Dark Jedi x2

Star Forge Deck 2

Interface Deck

Computer Terminal x3: Computer Spikes needed: 1 to Slice,, 8 to Deactivate sentry guns, 5 to generate light battle armor (), 5 to generate heavy battle armor, 5 to generate durasteel heavy armor, 25 to generate customized Jedi robes.
Spawns: Dark Jedi x?, Sith Apprentice x?, Sith Trooper x?, Sith Heavy Trooper x?. Spawning is random.
Turrets: Chain Gun Turret x3, Ion Defense Turret x2, Heavy Blaster Turret, Blaster Turret, Ion Turret, Defense Turret, Heavy Defense Turret
Replicator Bin: Contains any items generated by the termial listed above.
Metal Cylinder: Sith Power Gauntlets, Computer Spike x3, Antidote Kit x2, Plasma Grenade x5

Star Forge Deck 3

Command Deck

Terminal Type A~F: Computer Spikes needed: 8 to Disable generator, 16 to Generate a droid to help you
Spawns: Dark Jedi x?, Sith Apprentice x?, Sith Trooper x?, Sith Advanced Trooper x?. Spawning is random.
Command Center Enemies: Bastila OR Dark Jedi (Special) x3
Terminals: Droids x(Infinite)
Type A~F Spike Bin: Computer Spike x(number of Droids of that type you kill)
Metal box: Hyper-adrenal Strength, Life Support Pack, Antidote Kit x4, Computer Spike x5

Star Forge Deck 4


Darth Malak The Big Bad himself
Captive Jedi x8: Darth Malak will use these guys to heal himself. You can too! For a limited time only, some restrictions may apply. Not valid where offer is prohibited.

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