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Shops on Yavin Station

All stores sell items at 100% of their base cost, and buy items from you at 65% of their base cost unless otherwise noted.

Suvam's Specialty Store
Yavin Station
Environmental Bastion Armor* 1
Light Exoskeleton 1
Baragwin Shadow Armor 1
Heavy Exoskeleton* 1
Baragwin Assault Blade* 1
Mantle of the Force** 1
Heart of the Guardian** 1
Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster** 1
Baragwin Disruptor-X** 1
Baragwin Assault Gun* 1
Baragwin Ion-X* 1
Advanced Agent Interface** 1
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask* 1
Medical Interface Visor** 1
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves 1
Baragwin Stealth Unit** 1
Advanced Alacrity Implant** 1
Advanced Combat Implant* 1
Advanced Sensory Implant 1
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant 1
Composite Heavy Plating* 1
Advanced Droid Interface** 1
Baragwin Droid Shield 1
Baragwin Flame Thrower* 1
Baragwin Stun Ray* 1
Baragwin Shield Disruptor*      1     
Win against him at Pazaak 10 times to get him to give you a 20% discount.
He still buys items at the same price. Each time his inventory changes, his
entire inventory resets. Thus items you have sold him previously disappear,
and items you have already bought from him reappear.
* items are not available until after Darth Bandon's first appearance.
** items are not available until after the final star map.

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