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Shops on Tatooine

All stores sell items at 100% of their base cost, and buy items from you at 25% of their base cost unless otherwise noted.

Orgultoovak's Kiosk
Docking Bay in Anchorhead
Life Support Pack 4
Advanced Medpac  infinite 
Antidote Kit infinite
Medpac infinite
Yusanis' Brand 1
Jamoh Hogra's Carbine 1
Mandalorian Heavy Repeater 1
Advanced Aural Amplifier 1
Verpine Headband 1
Bothan Sensory Visor 1
Breath Mask 3
Karakan Gauntlets 1
Arkanian Energy Shield 1
Sith Energy Shield 2
Energy Shield 4
Thermal Shield Generator 1
Nerve Amplifier Belt 1
Verpine Cardio-Regulator 1
Stealth Field Generator 1
Retinal Combat Implant 1
Nerve Enhancement Package 1
Adrenal Strength infinite
Adrenal Alacrity infinite
Adrenal Stamina infinite
Gizka Poison* infinite
Bantha Fodder** 1
* Quest Item.
** Main Quest Item.

Fazza's Depot
Hunting Lodge in Anchorhead
Advanced Medpac 10
Antidote Kit  infinite 
Medpac infinite
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine 1
Blaster Carbine 1
Ion Rifle 2
Sonic Rifle 1
Blaster Rifle infinite
Armor Reinforcement 1
Scope 1
Need to have a Hunting Liscense
to access this merchant

Czerka Warehouse
Czerka Office in Anchorhead
Life Support Pack 6
Advanced Medpac  infinite 
Antidote Kit infinite
Medpac infinite
Computer spike infinite
Zabrak Battle Armor 1
Echani Battle Armor 1
Zabrak Combat Suit 1
Military Suit 3
Heavy Combat Suit 1
Combat Suit 1
Powered Light Battle Armor 1
Powered Battle Armor 1
Vibrosword 1
Mandalorian Heavy Pistol 1
Hold Out Blaster 1
Thermal Detonator 2
Plasma Grenade infinite
Poison Grenade infinite
Sonic Grenade infinite
Ion Grenade infinite
Adhesive Grenade infinite
Concussion Grenade infinite
Breath Mask infinite
Motion Detection Goggles 1
Energy Shield infinite
Sound Dampening Stealth Unit 1
Average Flash Mine 5
Average Frag Mine 5
Average Plasma Mine 5
Average Gas Mine 5
Mesh Underlay 1
No Special Notes.

Cantina Shop
Cantina in Anchorhead
Advanced Medpac 1
Medpac  infinite 
Security Spike Tunneler 6
Security Spike infinite
Bothan Chuka 1
Krath Blood Blade 1
Vibroblade 1
Bothan Quick Draw 1
Mandalorian Blaster 1
Sonic Pistol 1
Stabilizer Gauntlets 1
Advanced Stealth Unit 1
Hair Trigger 1
Pazaak card ±1 2
Pazaak card ±2 2
Pazaak card ±3 2
Pazaak card ±4 2
Gizka Poison* 1
* Quest Item.

Yuka Laka's Droid Shop
Droid Shop in Anchorhead
Computer spike  infinite 
Parts  infinite 
Security Spike Tunneler 5
Security Spike  infinite 
Droid Heavy Plating Type 2 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 1 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 2 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 1 1
Droid Light Plating Type 2 1
Droid Light Plating Type 1 1
Advanced Targeting Computer 1
Verpine Demolitions Probe 1
Basic Targeting Computer 1
Sensor Probe 1
Droid Motion Sensors Type 1 1
Environment Shield Level 3 1
Energy Shield Level 3 1
Environment Shield Level 2 1
Energy Shield Level 2 1
Environment Shield Level 1 1
Energy Shield Level 1 1
Advanced Stun Ray  infinite 
Stun Ray  infinite 
Becomes unavailable if you threaten him to
lower HK-47's Price.

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