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As Tomato journeys through the Freak Farm, he becomes quite an adept magician. All told, a whopping THREE spells will be mastered throughout his adventure. Fortunately, this page will help you keep track of all of them!
The MP consumption of all spells increases as Tomato gains levels. The more MP a spell uses, the more powerful it will be.
Spell Level Learned Effect MP Consumption
Tomato Cure 3 Restores HP Level 3: 2 MP
Level 6: 3 MP
Level 7: 4 MP
Level 10: 5 MP
Level 13: 6 MP
Level 14: 7MP
From this point on, it goes up 1 MP after 1 level, then again after 3 levels, then again after 1 level, then after 3 levels, etc.
Deep Freeze 5 Damages an enemy and immobilizes it for a round Level 5: 5 MP
For every additional 3 levels gained, the MP used goes up by 1.
Super Power 9 Increases your critical hit rate by 10%. Cast numerous times for a cumulative effect. Level 9: 8 MP
Level 13: 9 MP
For every additional 5 levels gained, the MP used goes up by 1.

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