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Daybreak to the End

  1. In Daybreak, buy a Tilte if you'd like($15000), and 2 K's($1200 each).
  2. Return to the town of Conflate, using a K on the way and speak to the Guru there to procure the Ring of Dworf.
  3. Now go all the way back to Daybreak. Note: this return trip to Conflate may be avoided if you died before and "woke up" in Conflate. As long as you have the two Battle equipments, you should be able to obtain the Ring.
  4. Regardless, back in Daybreak, head East out of town and enter the door for which the Ring of Dworf is required.
  5. Stay on the bottom platform, and fall down the approaching pit while bearing to the right. Now walk into the Final Town (it's not the house, but the entrance on the right side of the screen).
  6. After making preparations in the town, leave the town and climb the ladder to go South (yes, it makes sense), then keep following the path, heading East when it forks. Now climb the ladder, disregarding the door for now.
  7. Go East, then North, then East again, then South to reach a small platform adjacent from a very small platform under a door. Jump on that platform and enter the door.
  8. Go East, South, then East; climb the platform, continue East past the , go North and quickly try to reach the door on the right side of the screen because the ghosts are infinite unless you defeat the thing that creates them.
  9. This next boss is King Grieve, , King of the Dwarves, who also happens to look nothing like a dwarf (though that's because he was transformed). For a nice trick of defeating Grieve, check the "Tips" section. Grieve is very difficult because his fire is completely unavoidable and the only way to defeat him is to have plenty of Red Potions. The most important thing to remember is to not physically touch him as this depletes a great deal of life. To attack him either strike him on the head or use magic on his head.
  10. Here's a tip from RG on defeating King Grieve: "When fighting King Grieve, the programers supply you with an hour glass in the castle. Make use of it just before entering the king's room. He'll still be moving around, but he won't be shooting any fireballs. If you are careful about not running into him, you can win without using a single red potion."
  11. After defeating King Grieve, you will get the Dragon Slayer, which allows you to equip the Battle equipment as well (they are actually automatically equipped when the Dragon Slayer is equipped). And now you look totally badass in your knight gear. Then head South, West, then South where you will see a castle; it is a guru.
  12. The Guru will give you the Demons Ring, and tell you to kill the Evil One at Dartmoor.
  13. If you need to return to the Final Town to stock up, do so, and again make sure you have a few Red Potions.
  14. Now follow the same path you used to go to King Grieve, but instead enter the first door you come across, then the second door in the small enclosed area to enter Dartmoor.
  15. Beware: Dartmoor is an infinite maze if you don't follow the correct pattern.
  16. From the entry screen, go South (making sure to use the ladder), South again, West, South, and South, until you reach a platform with three small spikes. Kill them to get some very convenient health, now go West on the upper platform, then North, North, North, until you see one last Torso , which can be easily avoided.
  17. Or a shortcut, as recommended by Mew seeker: "In the Final Dungeon, you can get down to the Ointment and then use a pair of Wing Boots to go right away to the Final Boss unharmed!"
  18. Go in the door on the left side of the screen and face the Evil One.
  19. The Evil One is not quite as difficult as King Grieve. Avoid making contact with it, and jump and it hit in the mouth. Occasionally use magic to repel to the far side of the screen and use Red Potions when your health gets low. Once the Evil One is defeated you will be teleported back to the King.
And the Quest is Complete

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