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Beginning to Mascon

  1. See the Guru in the church-like building to receive the Ring of Elf. Notice the apparent eyelid spasm when he talks, everyone in the game seemingly has this affliction.
  2. Then die, yes die at the hand of either the jumping skull at the east end of town or the spiky clumps. You will revive with full life and magic at the Guru.
  3. See the King all the way at the West end of town and get $1500:
    this fella is the King, and you can cheat him out of a lot of money if you'd like
  4. Use the money to buy a Hand Dagger($400), Deluge($400), J Key($100), and a few Red Potions($160). SPECIAL TRICK here.... if you spend all of your $1500 you can return to the king and get some more.
  5. Leave Eolis through the door locked with a "Jack" key at the East end of town and follow the path to Apolune. Directly before Apolune is a tool shop with some pretty expensive stuff that isn't necessary until later.
  6. In Apolune buy a Small Shield($800), J($140).
  7. Continue East through the town and follow the path to the Tower of Trunk, for which you will need a Jack key.
  8. Follow the path in the Tower until you get to the Wyvern, stand here while fighting to minimize damage:
    yes, you really won't get hurt at all if you stand here
  9. Defeat the Wyvern to gain the Mattock.
  10. Leave the Tower and go East one screen and use the Mattock on the two orange blocks, and continue on the path to Forepaw.
  11. In Forepaw, buy the Studded Mail($2500), Long Sword($1600), Wing Boots($2800), Q($500), J($200).
  12. Now leave town through the East end and go Southeast until you reach a screen where there is an open sky.
  13. In the next screen, where there is also an open sky, use the Wing Boots and fly all the way up to speak to a man standing on a floating platform. This guy says some weird stuff that I really don't understand, then he says something about starting the flow of the 3 Fountains. He directs you to the Tower of Fortress, which is Northwest of Forepaw, in order to acquire the Joker Key.
  14. Now go back to Forepaw, and instead of going down, climb the ladder up, and then climb the ladder where the phantom and the guy who shoots fireballs is.
  15. Follow the path along the platform until you reach a door with a J lock, this is the Tower of Fortress.
  16. In the Tower of Fortress follow the path and jump on the platforms and the climb the ladder here:
  17. Head right once you climb the ladder until you come across another ladder, then climb the ladder and walk left to climb another ladder. Follow the path which goes Northwest until you come to the room with the Serpent , kill the Serpent and continue right to pick up the Elixir which is in the room next to the Stone Dropper. If you'd like you can kill the Stone Dropper to recieve a complimentary pair of Wing Boots.
  18. For the next leg of this journey, if you run out of life, the Elixir will be used and you will regain all your health and magic but you will need to get another Elixir (you must have an Elixir in order to give to the Old Man).
  19. Now go back to where you climbed the first ladder you saw; this time at this point, continue right one screen and climb this ladder and continue Northwest (sorry for all the the "this's").
  20. At this picture,
    you shall see an old man soon
    head right and speak to the Old Man who will request your Elixir to revive a spring.
  21. Now return to where you turned right after climbing the ladder in the picture in Step 16, instead, climb up on the platform with the Mushroom Man .
  22. Continue West, and fight another Wyvern:
    not all the Wyverns are as easy as the first two
  23. Then visit the Guru in the house in the next scene to get the Joker Key, now you can leave the Tower of Fortress by heading in a Southwest direction.
  24. Go to the small tower Southeast of Forepaw and enter with the JO Key. Avoid the Wyvern by taking a hit, and then speak to the Old Man. The first time, the spring will flow, speak to him a second time to receive the Ruby Ring.
  25. Now leave and go back to the screen with the Tower of Fortress
    push the rock on top here to make the ladder come down and stuff
    and push the the top of the fountain to get the water flowing again; this will cause the ladder to come down on the left side of the screen.
  26. Go up the ladder and use a Q Key to open the door to the mist world and be prepared to not see well.
  27. Go all the way West, then North, then East and go behind the pillar to enter Mascon.
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