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Secret Money Trick

In Dragon Warrior II there is an unlimited money trick. Once you get the thunder staff from beating the mad clown in the basement of middenhall, sell it. A whopping ammount is received for it (roughly 19,000 G!). Save the game, and answer" No I do not wish to continue my quest......" and go back the basement/jail of middenhall. The mad clown will be there again, and should give you another thunder staff. This makes it easier to buy the shield of strength and the falcon sword. Well hope it helped.

One note: this trick DOES NOT work on the Game Boy Color game "Dragon Warrior I&II". Don't sell your Bolt Staff, you can't get another (unless another Magus drops one very late in the game).

Game Genie Codes

So far I only have official Game Genie Codes if you have any homemade ones send them to me and I'll check 'em and post them!

You= Prince of Midenhall       PoC=Prince of Cannock      PoM=Princess of Moonbrooke

Code Effect
ZUKLUSGP You start with 50 HP
LVKLUSGP You start with 99 HP
AXKLOIIE You start with 40 Strength
ASKLOIIA You start with 80 Strength
AXKLXIGE You start with 40 Agility
ASKLXIGA You start with 80 Agility
ZUKLNSYP PoC starts with 50 HP
LVKLNSYP PoC starts with 99 HP
AXKLSIGE PoC starts with 40 Strength
GUKLSIGE PoC starts with 60 Strength
TOKLVIGE PoC starts with 30 Agility
GUKLVIGE PoC starts with 60 Agility
AXKUEITE PoC starts with 40 Magic Points
GUKUEITE PoC starts with 60 Magic Points
ZUKUUIAZ PoM starts with 50 HP
LVKUUIAZ PoM starts with 99 HP
POKUOIZE PoM starts with 25 Strength
ZUKUOIZA PoM starts with 50 Strength
AXKUXITO PoM starts with 40 Agility
AXKUKSGO PoM starts with 40 Magic Points

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