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Dragon Warrior II


•Shrine Completion?
08.01.2003     Update by Mr. Saturn

I think either Sinistral or I made an update about it, but it was probably lost in one of those deletions. Anyway, the shrine is pretty much done now. I can't think of anything left out. If you can, e-mail either Sinistral or myself.

•Shrine Progress: Day euh...let's not go there
06.08.2003     Update by Sinistral

I'm now a maintainer of this puppy, or at least I will be today or tomorrow. I'm waiting for the final word on the walkthrough I wrote and then it'll replace the monstrosity we have now. Woo!

•Shrine Progress: Day 1
06.01.2003     Update by Mr. Saturn

Work continues. The Enemies page should be done by the end of the night (I'm working on it at present), some more code redesign was completed (as per request of Sir Cidolfas, to whom I could never say no... even though this is a Dragon Quest shrine, and certainly not his domain... :P), removed the Music page, and trimmed up the Thanks page (not that I don't still thank those people for their contributions, but their contributions are either no longer on the site, or won't be shortly, due to the overhaul). Expect more progress in the coming days.

•Shrine Overhaul
06.01.2003     Update by Mr. Saturn

Work has begun on overhauling the entire shrine. First of all, the two codes pages were combined (don't know why they were seperate to begin with...), the armor page has been cleaned up code-wise (too many tables), and I've begun to clean up the pictures on the Enemies page. Hopefully, that process should be done by the end of the day. That entire page is already starting to look a lot cleaner, I hope to have it sparkling clean soon. I'll update periodically as the updates are finished.

•Descendents of Loto, draw your swords!
10.06.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

Well, I've added any information that I can think of that's different between the NES and Game Boy Color editions of Dragon Warrior II. I've also added a little text to each page with new information telling you how to easily find it. Enjoy.

•And now, a word of thanks
02.16.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

Saturn again. I just wanted to offer a formal word of thanks to Hiryuu for posting the DW2 monster pics. If anyone wants to know what I was doing while he was doing that, head over to the newly re-opened DW3 shrine!

•Pictures Update
02.16.2000     Update by Hiryuu

Hiryuu here (for just 1 cameo appearance). Seeing the plight Saturn was in with his lack of pictures for the enemy page, and since I was going to play through DW2 anyway, I decided to collect all the missing enemy pics, which are now in the enemy section (conveniently enough).

•Shrine Completed
02.06.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

For all intents and purposes, this shrine is completed. The walkthrough will be uploaded as soon as I finish it, and monster pictures will be added as they are submitted (with all of the monster pictures I have to do for DW3, I'm not sure if I want to go through DW2 again... :D). You don't really need pictures for the monsters, anyway, it says their name right on the screen... However, I will finish adding pictures, but I'm also starting work on the DW3 shrine now. It's not anywhere near complete, but I imagine it will be by the end of the week.

•Page Cleanup
01.26.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

Back again. Today, I generally messed with a few pages, easing navigation. I also separated the Items page into seperate Items/Weapons/Armor pages. Also added was the Spells page, which was apparently all ready done, just with no links pointing to it. Enjoy!

01.25.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

Wha-wha-what?! An update? Yes, it is I, your friend Mr. Saturn, and this is my first official update to the Dragon Warrior/Quest II Shrine since it was given to me last May. You can expect a few changes, but nothing major. What will change is that I'm adding the rest of the information, and possibly changing the layout of a couple of pages. What wont change is the high quality of the information. Now, ArcticKnight made this shrine, and I give him all credit where credit is due. Any changes from this point on (unless otherwise noted), are by me. Today, all that was updated is the Enemies page.

•Monster Chart
05.18.1999     Update by ArcticKnight

I added a crapload of info to the monster chart!!!

•New Layout
04.18.1999     Update by ShaheenJim

The new layout is going in now.  It should be all done in less than an hour.

•Music Compression
04.02.1999     Update by ArcticKnight

I individually zipped each midi file and RoguePaladinTrian said he would help me get monster information!

03.12.1999     Update by ArcticKnight

Got some more monster pics and maps!

•First Update
03.11.1999     Update by ArcticKnight

I added some pics to the enemy page and expect some new maps soon...


When you look around at RPG sites (even ones like this one that are sticking to classics), you don't see Dragon Warrior II around too often. This is the main reason for my construction of this site, the other main reasons are that I love making RPGs and that I love making web pages.

Dragon Warrior II (or DW2) is by my standards one of the best Dragon Warrior Games, mostly because it has the classic graphics and game style as DW1 but It also has a better Battle System (in my opinion), and the ability to have more than one character at a time. Dragon Warrior 2 also has the type of game play that you don't need a walkthrough for (If you talk to everyone you can beat the game).

When I am completely finished this site will have everything that an RPG player would want on DW2, even walkthroughs (which I don't recommend, it just ruins the game!).


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