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Want to cheat at this game? First of all, shame on you. ;) Now that that's out of the way... to make use of this section, you'll need a Hex Editor and the knowledge of how to use one. You can then use the information in this section to give yourself more experience, hearts, laurels and garlic. I know these work with NESticle save states, though they might also work with save states made by other emulators. Needless to say, you should make a back-up copy of your save state before trying to do any editing.

Note that unlike most save states, the values in Castlevania II save states are all in decimal. So if you want to change a number to 99, all you have to do is go to the proper offset in the code and enter 99. It goes backwards in pairs, however, so if for example you want to enter 256, you'd have to enter 5602.

* 2047 then 2046 - experience.
* 2049 then 2048 - number of hearts.
* 204C - number of laurels (won't work unless you bought laurels at least once).
* 204D - number of garlic cloves (won't work unless you bought garlic at least once).

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