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Ultra Strength

For this trick, you need the Death of Dark Sword,
the Rafael's Stick, a Bronze Sword and being at
Level 31. Equip the Death or Dark Sword and
your stats will look like this (note that in this
version, I used the Super Strength to make a
walkthrough). Now use the Rafael's Stick.
Your stats will now look similar to this. Equip the
Dark or Death Sword again and keep repeating.
After a while, your stats will look like this. This is
so powerful, that any boss will die in one hit. Now
equip the Bronze Sword.
After you equip it, your Stats will look like this. Now
equip the Sword of Vermilion for a little extra boost.
It is not quite 9855 STR, but it is still powerful.
Look out Tsarkon! Here comes Ultra Strength!