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Level 1
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Level 1



Location Treasure Pic Name Special Notes
4, 30 Herb Space  
8, 28 50 Gold Chest Open for treasure
14, 21 Bronze Knife Well ???
4, 22 Herb Door Use Dwarf's Key to open
10, 1 Herb Door Use Rune Key to open
14, 16 100 Gold False Wall Pass trial of strength to remove
24, 20 Depoison Grim Wall Use Orb of Truth to reveal
26, 20 Herb Slime Reduces MP by 1 point
28, 20 Wisdom Seed Stairs Down Go downstairs
23, 7 Smelling Salts Alter Go when all trials are complete
30, 16 Morning Star Teleport Teleports to Level 2
18, 17 100 Gold Start Where you begin the Labyrinth

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