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Hunter's Guild

In order to complete these jobs, you must get assigned the job at the Hunter's Guild, then talk to the person who requested your services, do what they ask you to do, then talk to them again and they will send the money to the guild. Pick up your money there.

Name of Job Reward Available Description
The Ranch Owner 5000 Mes. When you first reach Aiedo The Ranch Owner's Sandworms in Mile have grown too big. Go to Mile and exterminate them.
Tinkerbell's Dog 2000 Mes. After Alys falls ill In Aiedo, a girl lost her dog named Rocky. Buy some Shortcake and head to Monsen or Termi to find it.
Missing Student 3000 Mes. After you get the Landale A student from Piata is missing. Buy a Perolymate cake in Termi and find the student inside Zio's Church in Kadary. Give her the cake when she falls ill.
Fissure of Fear 5000 Mes. After you get the Landale In Monsen, Eddie's boy falls into the crack outside their house. Enter the Hole and defeat the Fract Ooze to find the boy.
The Strain in Life 50,000 Mes. After talking to Bishop The mayor of Uzo is missing their daughters, who left on a raft to the mainland. Head to the Aiedo Jail and pay their bail of 50,000 Meseta.
The Dying Boy 10,000 Mes. After talking to Bishop A boy in Torinco has fallen sick and can't be cured. His parents used to visit Termi often. Buy an Alis' Sword in Termi and give the sword to him.
Man with a Twist 20,000 Mes. After talking to Bishop A man in Torinco asks for hunters to destroy the birds that have been eating their fields. Enter the Rappy Cave and destroy King Rappy.
Silver Soldier 80,000 Mes. After talking to Bishop An old man in Zema asks that hunters find the reason why androids have been wandering the town. Kill the androids in Zema then head to Vahal Fort and shut down Daughter.