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Name of character Picture Icon Job Age Information
Chaz Ashley Hunter 16 Once a poor kid off the streets in a far away place, until Alys Bragwin took him in under her wing. She basically taught him how to fight, and he eventually became a hunter and Alys' partner. Chaz favors to use a Sword.
Alys Bragwin Hunter ?? Not much is known about her past except for the fact that she practically raised Chaz on her own. Bits and pieces of her past pop in now and then. She is also known as the Eigth Stroke Warrior for some reason. Alys is skilled with a Slasher.
Hahn Mahlay Scholar 24 Hahn is the assistant at the academy and an assistant to Professor Holt, who has mysteriously disappeared. Hahn joins Alys and Chaz to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance. Hahn has a wide range of techniques, including the powerful, Vol. Hahn attacks with a Dagger.
Rune Walsh Wizard ?? A man of mystery, Rune is a powerful wizard. Alys seems to know him from a long time ago. He joins for a while, and then leaves, only to return later. What this man really is appears in the middle of the game. Rune uses a Rod.
Gryz Motavian 19 A survivor Zio's attack on Molcum, Gryz is angry and swears revenge for killing his parents. Gryz is a strong warrior with little magic ability, but his strength with an Axe makes up for it.
Rika Numan 1 A product of 1000 years of research, Rika is a smart, quick, and strong girl. Though she is only 1 year old, she is as big as a late teenager. Her ability to heal is quite good as well. Rika's weapon of choice is the Claw.
Demi Android 324 Demi is the android who manages Nurvus, a system which controls all other systems on Motavia. While trying to shut down Nervus, Zio captured her, until Alys and company save her. Small but powerful, Demi favors using smaller Guns.
Wren Android 998 Wren is the android who manages Zelan, an artificial satallite which controls all functions on Motavia and Dezoris. When Zelan loses power, Wren joins Chaz, Rika, and Rune to discover the problem on Kuran. Wren has some powerful skills he finds later on, and uses Guns to attack.
Raja Priest 85 This Dezorian runs the Ryuon (Raja) Temple on Dezoris. When a shuttle carrying Chaz and company crash lands on it, Raja decides to come along. A funny guy at spirit (you'll find out why later) Raja is a great healer, but like Rune, lacks physical power. Raja uses the Rod.
Kyra Tierney Esper 18 An esper of great courage, Kyra is found by Chaz and company while trying to enter the Garuberk Tower, with one problem, the sworm of Carnivorus Trees. She considers herself to be Chaz's big sister. Kyra has some good techniques up her sleeve, and she can wield a Slasher.
Seth Scholar 39 Chaz and co. run into this archeologist who is searching at Soldier's Temple, but he needs help in order to get there. Seth uses what I like to call, Dark Skills. Not much else is known about him, but maybe there is more to him than meets the eye (literally). Seth can wield Daggers.