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Name of Armor Who can use it Price (Mes) Attack Defense Agility Mental Information
Leather Cloth 160   +2     Leather armor made of tanned sand worm skins.
Carbon Suit 550   +10     Protective garb made of special carbon fibers.
White Mantle 400   +10   +1 A mantle that is imbued with defensive magic
Titanium Mail 1120   +15     Armor made of a titanium alloy.
Graphite Suit 1200   +16     Protective garb made of special graphite fibers.
Ceramic Mail 3700   +25     Armor made of ceramic, anti-heat, but heavy.
Psychic Robe 3000   +33   +2 A magician's robe imbued with defensive magic
Psychic Mail 7400   +35   +3 Steel armor imubed with defensive magic.
Titanium Armor 3000   +36     Armor for androids made of titan alloy.
Frade Mantle 4000   +42   +3 *A powerful defensive mantle of legend.
Ceramic Armor 4000   +44     Armor for androids made from ceramic.
Silver Mail 13200   +49     Armor made of low purity Laconia.
Silver Mantle 7300   +49   +3 A mantle woven of low purity Laconian fibers.
Phantasm Robe 8400   +52 +5   A robe that creates an illusion of the wearer.
Spaced Armor 5000   +53     Double-plated armor for androids.
Reflect Mail 26800   +53     Armor with a high resist to techniques and magic.
Cyber Suit 30000 +5 +56     A reinforced suit that enhances strength.
Reflect Robe 18400   +58     A robe with high resist to techniques and magic.
Zirconian Armor 6000   +60     An armor for androids made of anti-heat-metal.
Laconian Mail 43800   +64     An armor made of high grade Laconia.
Mahlay Mail 49200   +65     An armor that Hahn created with his father.
Compound Armor 6400   +72     Compound armor of sheet of ceramic between titan.
Guardian Robe 28200   +72     *A robe used by protectors
Guardian Mail 56400   +76     *Armor used by protectors
Elastic Armor 7800   +82     Armor for androids that has high elasticity.
Laconian Armor 9600   +94     Armor for androids made of high grade Laconia.
Guardian Armor 12800   +108     *An armor for androids used by protectors.