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King Nole's Palace

You have finally made it to the end, King Nole's
Palace. Go around and make your way to the top.
Avoid the door mid way and at the top, jump across
to the door. Corner jump the spikes all the way
around to the warp. Kill the Blue Lizardmen, grab
the pot, go up the stairs, and climb the ladder. Wait
for the rides to come. Jump from ride to ride to the
ledge on the other side and place the pot on the
button. Continue.
Jump the corner with the spike ball and climb the
ladder up. Avoid the spike balls but going into the
lower ledges and letting them pass. Go to the warp.
Jump OVER the button and enter the open door.
Kill the Gold Knights, go up the platforms and kill
the Blue Lizardmen. Go out the door and jump
platforms to the other side. Press the button and
go to the door.
Keep in mind that the most difficult puzzles in the
game are in this level. You need to have already
mastered the controls and be quick with them to
solve this puzzle. Press the button, and go to the
gap and let the statue walk over you. Run to the
next gap, and the next, and so on until it is on the
button. It is not over yet. Run to the gap in front of
the silver statue and do the same thing until it presses
the button and clears the ladder. Go up and to the
door. Avoid the red boulders and go around to the
button. Press it and fall down the hole.
Go through the left door. Press the button and
another will appear. Keep on pressing the buttons
until the door opens. Go up the stairs and fall down
the hole. Press the button and kill the Blue
Lizardmen. A hole will come around the button.
Fall down it and let the platforms carry you to the
hidden door. Continue past another door and you
will have to face a Gold Warrior (similar to the Stone
Warrior). Defeat him the same way you did the
Stone Warrior back in the Destel Well. Continue
along and open another door.
In this room is the improved version of the Spinner
I like to call... the Spinarooni. If you have 3 or more
Golden Statues, use one and defeat it the same way
as you did in the Labyrinth. Or, just avoid the
spin attacks and wait for the sword to charge (use
the Venus Stone). Kill it and take the next door.
The music and the aura will change. Go around to
the warp and up the very large stairs to the door.
The 3 Items of Gola will shine and open the door.
Ride the platform and you will hear the voice of
King Nole, who will then attack. The easiest thing
to do is to use a Golden Statue and just use the
Earthquake when he appears. He is pretty fast,
and watch out for his axe attacks. When he has
finally had enough, he will disappear. You have
just beaten the game!
Or so you think until the Duke walks in and offers
to pay Nigel 20 Gold for doing the work. Just then,
a huge dragon appears and burns the Duke to
ashes (ding dong the Duke is dead!). The dragon is
none other than Gola. You must now fight that huge
beast. First things first, use a Golden Statue and a
Dahl (if you are low on HP). Wait for him to stick
his head out and hit him with an Earthquake attack.
After a long fight, Gola will die and the treasures
will just plummet out of sight, leaving Nigel and
Friday with NOTHING! See the short ending and
the credits will role. Now the game is over. I hope
you enjoyed probably one of the toughest games
in the history of Genesis. And I hope that my
walkthrough has helped out.

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