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King Nole's Labyrinth

Once you enter the Labyrinth, kill the Bubbles. Press
the button down the stairs and enter the door it
opens. Kill the monsters and go on. Kill the Orange
Orcs and Purple Spectors and cross the spikes to
the open door. Go around and shoot the Statue
with a Whirlwind. That will complete the path to the
stairs. Take the stairs. The room will now be
completely dark. Head down and right, and you
should find a door.
Press the button and take the box to the bottom.
Make a stairway to the hole in the wall and go
around to the other side. Continue to the next room.
Walk the high road and past the Ekeeke chest and
the next chest you reach will contain a Lantern. Go
into the next room and use the Lantern. Go around
and exit out the other door. Press the button and
hop over the the chest with a Key. Now go back to
the first dark room and use the Lantern. Head back
up the stairs and back to the spike room with the
Orange Orcs and unlock the door.
Go through the other door and kill the monsters.
Go down the stairs. Go around and pick up the box.
Throw it across to the button to make the ride
appear. Ride it to the door to the far right. Kill
the Blue Lizardman and grab the jar. Go to the
ledge and throw it gently to the button (throw it from
where Nigel is in the pic). Go to the wall to the
left-up wall and go around to the large hole. Jump
down it, use the Lantern, and grab the Iron Boots.
Kill the Ninjas and head back upstairs.
Head back to the first room with the bubbles.
Go through the door under the arch. Continue past
the spike balls to the next room and go down the
stairs to the spike path. Equip the Iron Boots and
start walking across to the button. The block will
lower. Go back and go across the block and down
the stairs. Go around and up the stairs. Press the
button and head back to the main room. Go in
the room and jump over the warp plate to the other
side. Go up the stairs and to the next room. Go past
the spikes and up the stairs to the outside.
Grab the Key and cut the group of 4 trees to reveal
a hole. Jump down and grab the strongest sword in
the game, the Sword of Gaia. Personally, I prefer
The Sword of Ice, but equip the Sword of Gaia for
some earth shaking affects. Get out of the area and
you will be back in the spike room with the Orange
Orcs. Go through the door you unlocked and go
through the next door. Kill the Pruple Ninjas and
Spectors and go down the stairs. Take the ride to
the bottom-left door. Go around and use the Key
on the door.
Make your way past the spike balls. Jump corners
and enter the door. Kill the Green Slimes and from
the barred door, throw the box onto the button and
go through the door. Head around to the door to the
upper left side. Kill the Green Skeletons and Green
Unicorns. Go down the stairs. Kill the Skeletons
to reveal a box. Use the box on the button. In the
next room, ride the ride to the box. Carry it to the
ledge at the end of the path. Repeat and carry the
light switch. Jump on the box and onto the ledge.
Make stairs to the high ledge, switch on the bottom.
Grab the key in the chest and head back to the
room before the stairs and the monsters. Kill the
monsters and press the switch to get there. Head to
the north corner of the area and swing either a
Whirlwind or an Earthquake at the statue. Kill all of
the monsters in the area and a button will appear in
the wider area near the end. Press it and head back
to the statue that is blocking your path. It will be
gone and you can step on the button. Step on it and
head to the southwest corner door. The block in that
room will be down. Cross over and to the next door.
Climb up the stairs and unlock the door. Take the
stairs on the left. When you reach a blue square,
jump around it and up the stairs. Kill the monsters
to reveal switches. Put the box on the middle button
to reveal the stairs just ahead. Go down them. Press
the buttons in there to drop the book. Bring it to the
priest and save it. Head back and put the box on
the right button and go down the stairs to the right.
Follow along and fall down the hole to the bottom.
Go around and climb the ladder back to the top to
get the Venus Stone. Equip it.
Go back down to the bottom and enter the door.
Equip the Fire-Proof Boots and enter. You will have
to face Ifreet, the first guardian. This can be tough,
but I just used a Golden Statue and stood in the
middle lava hole. Any time he comes up, swing the
Sword of Gaia and it will do damage. If you try to
defeat him by getting close, you WILL lose an
Ekeeke. This way, I escaped with no damage. When
it is dead, grab Gola's Nail. You can either take the
warp to King Nole's Cave, and then to Mercator,
or go back and climb the ladder to the top.
Put the box on the left button and go down the left
stairs. Go to the other stairs. You should now
be at a crossing. Take the right path to the stairs.
Follow and go down the next stairway. Follow out
and you will be at a huge hole with hands in mid
air. Jump down. You will fall through 3 rooms in
a loop. Make your way to the northwest corner.
On one of the hands are the Snow Spikes. Grab
them. Now jump down to the northeast corner and
exit. Go up the stairs and get all of the buttons to be
pressed at once to open the door up the stairs. Go.
Kill the Gold Knights and exit. Ride the ride to the
left-down door. Avoid the balls and go straigh to the
next door. Equip the Snow Spikes here and jump
down the hole. Talk to the man there and he will say
to talk to his son so that Nigel can build a raft. Go
up the stairs and back to the room before the area
of Ifreet. Take the low door and talk to the son.
He will move out of the way and let Nigel climb up
the stairs. Go along the path and cut the lone tree
and pick up the 2 Logs.
Head back to the Man down the hole past the ice.
Go to the edge and use a Log to make a raft. Jump
on the raft and it will carry Nigel over the waterfall.
Open the chest for an Ekeeke and go through the
door. There is a Statue of Gaia and an Ekeeke here.
Go near the edge of the water and use the other
Log to make another raft. This will lead you to the
next guardian, the Spinner. Stay out of the way when
he rolls around. The best strategy is to use a Golden
Statue and just keep using the Earthquake. When he
is done, grab Gola's Fang and continue.
Go behind the waterfall and you can barely see the
strongest armor of the game. Pick up the Hyper
Armor and continue. Go up the stairs, grab the Key,
and take the warp. You will arrive near the Man
again. Go up the stairs and go into the huge room
with the skeletons. Head towards the door to the
bottom left (towards the fire area). Kill the Blue
Lizardmen and cross the Ice to the door. Go around
and up the stairs. Jump the corner and repeat until
you get to the top. Go on the ride and down to the
stairs. Take the next 2 stairs down.
Kill the Blue Lizardmen and grab the Garlic. Unlock
the door and jump down. You will run into Miro
again. He challenges Nigel to a fight. Kill him the
same way as in Mir's Tower. Lure him to a corner
and slash away. He will soon give up and leave
behind Gola's Horn. Grab it and go downstairs.
From here, you can either take the warp to the cave
and warp to Mercator, or continue up the stairs to
King Nole's Palace.

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