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Destel Well & the Lake Shrine

Once in, follow until you reach here (do not go down
the ladder). Hop from ride to ride and enter the
first door. Kill the Yellow Bubbles. This next part
is tricky. You have to place the boxes in the tiny
holes. The easy way is to get yourself in on, then
jump out, turn around then drop it in. Do that with
all 3 boxes and jump in the last empty one to get a
Key. Grab it and head back out. Take the lift up and
hop on the rides. Ride over to the end and hop on
the platforms. Quickly go up the stairs, or else you
will fall, which is not a good thing.
Ride over to the side. Quickly run across the bridge
and hop on the platform (it may take a few tries).
Run across the other bridge and watch out for the
balls. Climb the ladder and exit out the door.
Continue and jump across the gaps to the other
door. Again, hurry across the falling bridges and
over to the ride. Climb the ledge and go out the
door. You should now be near a river. Kill the
Purple Skeletons. There are 3 doors that will
unlock. Kill the monsters in each one and grab the
Keys in each one.
Unlock the first door. Kill all but one monster. Place
the jar near the ledge and jump up to it. Have the
monster follow you and step on the button. Jump
onto the platform and onto the ledge as the button
is pressed and unlock the door. Kill the monster in
the next room and unlock the door. You will now be
face to face with a Stone Warrior. The key thing to
do here is to Jump and Slash him. If you are on foot
when he shakes the ground, you will be stunned. Use
the Golden Statue to make this fight quick. After he
dies, he leaves behind the Healing Boots.
Equip the Healing Boots right away. Continue and
read the sign. Head towards the Lake. After a
while, you can either enter a cave or go down the
stairs. Avoid the stairs and go into the cave. Read
the sign and head to the Godess Statue. Pick up the
2 Statues of Gaia and use one of them in front of the
Godess Statue. Part of the lake will become solid
enough for Nigel to cross to the Lake Shrine.
Once inside, Nigel will be met by Unicorn Troopers.
They go away, saying that they will see Nigel again.
Go into the next room. Go up the carpet path to the
Priest. Save it and head back out. Go through the
door at the left-up path. Press the buttons to open
the doors. Go to the next room. Kill the monsters
and head down the stairs. Kill the Red Lizardmen
and go through the door. Follow the statues to the
next door. The 3 Unicorn Troopers will be there and
say that they are going to warn the Duke. Go back
and follow the Statues to the next door.
In this room, you must throw the box to the button
and quickly jump on the platform up to the chest with
a Key inside. Go back out. Follow the statues to
the next room with a Lifestock. Now head back to
the room with the Red Lizardmen. Kill them and
press the button on the small ledge. Jump on the
statue that moves and it will carry Nigel to the stairs.
Head back to the main room (with the carpet) and
take the right-down door. Press the button and
kill the 2 Golems in front of the door. Unlock the
Have the Gold Golems chase you (since you cannot
kill them). Wait for a button to appear and press it
to stop the movement. Go down the stairs. You
should be in a room with 5 statues. Ignore this unless
you want a Lifestock, then you line them up to the
right-down door. Go through the left-down door.
Grab the Golden Statue and jump down the pit. Go
through the only unblocked door. Kill the Orange
Orcs and use the pot to get a boost to slash the
Statue to make the life appear. Take the stairs.
Jump from platform to platform and through the
door. Jump down the hole near the stairs like the
Unicorns did (if you are lucky, you will land on a
pillar and can grab the Lifestock). Go into the
next room and kill the Ghosts and Ghost Creators.
Enter the next door. Ride one ride and jump on the
other ride. Jump off right before the button. Stand
there and let the Silver Knights come. Jump back
on the ride and let the Silver Knight step on the
button to open the door.
Take the boulder and throw it over to the carpet
to open the door up. Go straight through to the
next door. Take the rides and press all of the
buttons to free a path up the stairs. Kill the Gold
Knights and pick up the jars. Place one of the jars
back on the button to open the door. You now have
4 buttons. Press the one on the southwest corner
to free up the center. Jump down the pit. Kill the
Green Bubbles and throw the box onto the Statue
on the right and enter the door. Throw the boulders
on each of the corners to open this door.
Head back to the last room. Kill the Green Bubbles
again. This time, throw the box on the Statue on the
left and enter the door it opens. Follow the statues
(a different group) and enter the door. The Duke
will be just below and will taunt Nigel. Go back out
and follow to the next door. Kill the Red Lizardmen
and go left-down. Do not press the button and go
through the small opening in the right-down door.
In this room, go up-right, kill the Brown Mimics, and
grab the Key. Head back out and go up the stairs.
Grab the box and start jumping from platform to
platform. On the last platform before the statue,
throw the box onto it while jumping on the steardy
platform to open the door. Continue to the door
and press the top button and go back. Fall down the
hole and go through the door left-down to get my
favorite sword of the game, the Sword of Ice. Head
back to the rotating statue room. Exit out the door
and head to the opened door. Go around to the
Green Bubble room. Kill them and unlock the door.
Continue on to past the falling boulder room.
Kill the Brown Mimic and head out the other door
to one more rotating statues. The first door contains
a Shell Breast. Grab it and equip it. Go out and
follow to the next room. Use the box on the ledge
to jump to the stairs. Hang near the edge and press
the button. Take the door nearest to the buttons.
Jump from platform to platform, leaving one
platform. Press the button and go back to that last
platform and jump across and press that button to
open that door. Go through that door.
Kill the Ninjas to reveal platforms by each ledge.
Go through the right-up door. Go to the other
unlocked door, avoiding the Gray Mushrooms.
Kill the Red Lizardmen and quickly jump down the
hole (shoot one with the whirlwind if you have to).
Kill the Silver Golems and press the button with the
box. Go through the opened door. Kill the Brown
Mimic and grab the Key. Go back and through the
other door. Go around, past the room with the Gold
Statue, and back to the stair room. Climb the stairs.
Use the Key on the locked door in the spike room.
Avoid the Gold Golems and go through the
right-down door. Power up the Sword of Ice and
shoot the green statue to revel a button. Press it and
the rest will light up. Go back and jump down the
northwest corner of the hole. Land on the platform
and quickly jump over to the left-up side door.
Avoid the Ghosts for a while and a button will
appear. Press it and head out the other door. Press
the button on that side and head back. Avoid the
Ghosts again and wait for the button. Go out the
door and jump across the platform to the other door.
Kill the Red Ninja and head through the left-up door.
Bring the box to the statue and go up the stairs.
Place a boulder on each of the statues to open the
door. Grab the Lifestock and the Key in the next
room and head back down to the Red Ninja room.
Go out the door right-down. Go to the next room
beyond the locked door to heal at the statue if you
need it. Unlock the door and continue. At the next
room you will fight the 3 Green Unicorns. Kill them
and continue, past the falling spike ball room and
to the Jewel room.
The Duke will be there waiting for Nigel. He
challenges Nigel to a Sword fight. The Duke is
extremely easy. The only thing he does and
parry with his sword, and stab once in a while.
Put him into a corner and keep slashing him. He will
soon give up and run to a corner. 3 chests will
come down. The outside 2 contain Ekeekes. If
you even get close to the middle one, Zak will
come down and knock out Nigel, who will despise
the Duke for making him attack Nigel off guard.
Zak then leaves, and as the Duke goes in for the kill..
Nigel disappears and is taken to Mir's Tower. He
talks a bit and then gives Nigel the Axe Magic.
With this, you can cut down discolored trees. Mir
teleports Nigel outside, saying to go to the mountains
through the north gate of Mercator.

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