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Verla Mines & Destel

Once in Verla, you will notice that there is no one in
the town. The only ones in are the sick shopkeeper
and the Priest. Go up the stairs and Silver Knights
will come out and attack. Kill them and Save the
game at the church. Go out of town and go up-left.
Visit the house there and the man will say that the
people of Verla were all taken away to the
mountains. You can take the big tree near Verla and
warp back to Mercator if you need to rest. When
you are ready, climb the stairs to the upper-left and
continue until you reach the Verla Mines
Go down the ladders and go up-left. Kill the Red
Orcs and go down the ladders to continue. Kill
the Green Mummies and enter the door. Kill the
Unicorns and take the right-down path. Continue
and kill the Purple Skeletons to reveal a button that
can open the door. Climb up, kill the Silver Knights,
and press the button. Head back to the room where
you fought the Unicorns and the door there will be
open. Enter it.
Pass the spiked balls carefully to the other side. Ride
the lifts to the other door and enter it. Climb the
stairs while killing the monsters. In the next room is
a Gold Knight named Slasher. Kill him and grab the
Key. Talk to the man and he will tell you what has
happened. Head back to the entrance area (the pic
above), and go down-right. Kill the Brown Cyclops
and unlock the door. Jump from platform to platform
without falling (if you do, you have to make your way
back to the top). Enter the door.
Jump on the ride and make your way to the empty
gap in the spikes. Take the next ride over to the
door. Kill the Red Orcs and Silver Knights. Take
the right-down path. Kill the Red Orcs and make
a stairwell with the jars to the top. Enter the door.
Kill the Gray Mushrooms and go on. Make your
way to the door on the upper left side of the room.
Kill the Lizardmen and go down the stairs. Press
the button and head back up to the spike ball room.
Go to the northeast corner and the door will now be
Kill the Lizardmen and take the upper-right door.
This will lead you to another Gold Knight named
Dex. Kill him, grab the Key and one of men will say
that they have been secretly building an escape
tunnel. Head back to the room with the Gray
Mushrooms and unlock the door (after the spike ball
room). Avoid the spikes and go down the stairs and
not out the door. Jump across the stair well and
press the button in that room. Go back out and fall
down to the bottom.
You will now be in a huge lava room. The easy way
is to just go right-down and off the ledge, but there
is a Chrome Breast in the corner which is a stronger
armor than the Steel Breast. Make sure to get it and
exit out the other door. Catch a ride on the platforms
and hop over to the other ones coming at you. Ride
over to the door. Kill the monsters and take the
other door. Make your way under the spiked balls
and past the Lizardmen to the next door. Climb the
stairwell, killing the new Red Lizardmen and Red
Unicorns and enter the door.
Kill the last Gold Knight named Marly to free the
rest of the people. They all head back to Verla. Do
so as well. And speaking of well, when you get back
to Verla, jump down the Well in there and search
around. You will find the Thunder Sword. Equip
it right away. Warp back to Mercator to rest up
if you need it. Head back to the Mines and go
left-up at the bottom. The statues have now moved,
revealing a door. Go up the stairs and out. Follow
the path outside and take the lift to the top.
At the top, read the sign. You can either head to
Destel or the Waterfall. All the Waterfall is is a shop.
Head to Destel. In town, visit the Mayor. He will
say that the Duke came and stole the jewel away
from the Mayor, although the Mayor seems not to
care about something as worthless as the jewel.
Head out the back exit to Destel. There is an
hidden stairwell on the 2nd ledge that you can take
to reach the Mars Stone. Continue. Climb up the
stairs and check out the big tree. Go out and head
Talk to the man in the house and he will say that the
Duke paid 6 Gold for all of his rafts. Go to the port
and see the Duke about to leave for the Lake Shrine.
Go right-down and at the end, climb the mountian.
Once at the top, the Duke will be there and will
speak to Nigel, then enter the Shrine. Looks like you
have to catch up a ways. Head back to Destel. Go
to the well, and someone has already broken the
seal to the well. That can lead you to the Lake
Shrine, so you have no choice but to go in.

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