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Mir's Tower & the Dungeon

When you are ready, head to the harbor and go
up-left from there to exit out the other side of
Mercator. The monsters are yet again tougher here.
Make sure you have plenty of Ekeeke with you.
Find the sign at the crossroads and follow to where
it says Mir's Tower. Red Mushrooms live around
here and are much harder to kil. Follow a ways and
you will be at Mir's Tower. Nigel will automatically
use the Armlet to dispell the magic barrier. Go inside.
Say yes to all the questions Mir asks Nigel at the
signs to further advance. Go down the lift to the
area where the pic is. Jump down and kill the Red
Mushrooms to open the door. Climb back up and
jump across, grab the Ekeeke and go through the
door. Head up the stairs. Climb the ladder and enter
the room. Fall down the pit into a room with
Mummies. Kill them and press the button. Jump
down and climb the stairs again. Follow back into
the room with the pit and a bridge will now be there.
Across the bridge is a chest room. Be careful, 4 of
the chests are Mimics, and the other 4 are empty.
Kill the Mimics and go down the stairs. Press the
button and quickly go to the platform and jump over
to the block and press that button. Quickly run over
to the chest which contains Garlic. Go back up to
the Mimic room and up the stairs. Grab the chest,
kill the Mimic, and jump down. Climb the stairs.
Once up, use the Garlic. An imposter of Nigel named
Miro will run away at the scent of the Garlic. Follow
him and there will be 3 doors. Take the lower-right
one and go up the stairs at the end. Kill the Red
Orcs and up the stairs to see a Priest. Grab the
Detox Grass (it is free, so load up on it), and the
Ekeekes (also free), and save the game. And head
back to the 3 doors. Take the upper left one and
go to the other door and press the button in that
room. Head back to the room with 3 doors again
and take the lower left one.
You will see Miro again. Follow in into the false
wall. If you pressed the button, the platform will be
there. Jump across and climb up the ladder. Kill the
Spectors and climb the stairs. Go around to where
the balls are moving. Jump over them and go to the
stairs. Jump over the spiked ball, go around, climb
the stairs, and jump over the spiked ball again to the
warp point. Now get ready for a tough course.
Perhaps this chart can better describe things. From
the warp point, you are at Start. Take path #1, #4,
and #11. Press the button in the middle and hurry
to the door. Press the light button and climb the stairs
to get the Key. Go back. From that room, take
path #13 and #14. Kill the Zombies and move the
block to the stairs to climb it. Kill the cyclops and
follow Miro. Follow him to the top. He will run
behind a door and lock it. Unlock it and continue.
Kill the Unicorns and Skeletons and climb the
--- 1   Button 4   Lift 5
Start 2   1 3   3 6
Button 7   -- 11   --- 8
10 2   12 4   7 6
-- 13   Stairs 14   -- 11
14 12   10 5   13 8
Kill the skeletons and then you will have to fight
Miro. He can be tough, because he fights just like
you. Back him to the wall. He will jump your slashes,
so start jump slashing him. He will soon give up and
run up the stairs. Follow him and he will lead you to
Mir. He talks, telling Miro not to be ashamed. He
then turns him back into dust. He tries to talk but
Friday and her large mouth says that they have come
to defeat him. He runs around the room shooting
fireballs. Use a Golden Statue to power up the bar.
Get close to him and attack him.
After a while, Mir will give up. Nigel demands that
Mir give him the jewel and to stop making demands
from the people of Mercator. The jewel is Nigel's
but Mir is not making the demands. It is the Duke!
Mir and the Duke are brothers. Listen to Mir's
words. Go down the stairs and fall down the hole.
The Purple Jewel is in one of the chests down there.
Once you have it, Mir will warp Nigel out. Time to
settle things out with the Duke.
Go to the castle. You will be escourted to the Duke.
He brings in Kayla and her goons. She says the she
and the Duke are sharing the treasures. Just then,
a pit opens beneath them. The Duke says that the
treasures will be all his. He takes both jewels from
Nigel and pushes him into the pit. Fight the two
Knights and go onto the lift. You will then see a
huge boulder pound on Kayla and her goons. Go
into the next room. Go around the room, while being
chased by a spiked boulder, press the buttons, and
run to the door.
Place a pot in each of the corner to activate the lift.
Go up and slash one of the statues to open the door.
Press the button and hurry. Climb up the room in
a hurry before the door shuts. In one of the cells
is a teacher from Maple named Moralis. Grab the
Key and exit. Rescue the woman from the next room
and continue. Unlock the door and enter the door
beyond it. Go down the stairs. Do through the door
and around beyond the spike ball to a room with
Unicorns. Kill them and continue. Kill the Mummies
and the Knight to continue.
Start climbing the stairs. You have to fight many
Knights along the way. At the top, Zak is there and
is kidnapping Princess Lara. He flies off with her.
(You should agree that Lara is probably the most
ditsiest princess you have ever seen). Grab the chest
and follow Zak. He flies off. Jump down (for some
reason, it doesn't even hurt). Talk to the woman and
she will say that General Arthur is defending the
castle against the armored Knights. Go help him
Fight the Knights in the training room and go up the
stairs. You will see Arthur losing to a Silver Knight.
Save him and talk to Arthur. He says that the Duke
sailed away and broke the Lighthouse light in
Ryuma to prevent anyone from following him.
Climb the stairs, cut the armor to reveal a ladder.
Climb the ladder to get a Key. Get outside the
castle and go around the castle wall. Unlock the
door and climb up the hidden stairs to press the
button. This will open the path to Greenmaze, where
you can fix the Lighthouse. (btw. The bell is for sale

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