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Gumi & the Swamp Shrine

Go back to the bridge and cross to the next scene.
Now you have monsters to content with. The
overworld is the best place to earn money. Keep
going and when you come to the crossroads, keep
going south until you reach the Town of Gumi.
In Gumi, the entrance will be blocked but the Gumi.
Climb the stairs to your left and continue. Friday
will notice that some ritual is going on and Fara is
tied up to a stake. They take her to the Swamp
Shrine. Climb the stairs behind the ledge with the
6 trees. The entrance to Gumi will no longer be
blocked, so you can enter it now. Check the
Mayor's house on the shelf is the Idol Stone. Jump
and grab it. Rest at the Inn and save the game at the
Head back to the Crossroads and go north. Follow
the path, watching out for the swamp water and
mushrooms. At the end, there is a door. Use the
Idol Stone to open the door into the Swamp Shrine.
From the entrance, head left, avoiding the boulders.
Go through the door. Kill each monster in the area
to lower the wall to the next area. After 4 monsters,
you can enter the door at the end. Kill the 4 Orcs in
this room and take the north door. Kill the Orcs and
the Gray Bubbles then climb the stairs. Move around
the spike balls an into a room. Follow to get the Key.
Go back to the room with the Orcs and the 4 doors.
Kill the Orcs again and take the east door. Kill the
Orc, grab the Ekeeke, and go through the next door.
Kill the bubbles and go east. You should now be
where the pic shows. The side 2 Mushrooms are
real. Kill them quickly and kill the bubbles to open
the doors. Go through and you should be in a room
with 5 Orcs. This can be a pain. Move to a spot
where they can corner you and start slashing. When
all 5 are dead, grab the Key in the chest.
Go back to the Orc room and the 4 doors. Kill the
Orcs and take the south door. You will be back
in the main room. Head to the east side and through
the door. Kill the Orcs and Mushrooms and a
platform and bridge will appear. Go to the top and
jump across to the other side where you can grab
the Ekeeke and unlock the door. Kill the Orcs and
Blue Bubbles then climb the stairs. Kill the
Mushrooms then exit. Now kill the monster in this
room. Unlock the door and enter it.
Kill the monsters in here to lower the platform.
Climb it and press the button. Go back down and
to the last room. Take the west path and you will
be above the main room. Follow around to the
other side to the door. In the next room, as usual,
kill the Orcs and Mushrooms to advance. Now you
have an easy puzzle. 4 buttons, 2 boxes, 1 boulder.
Place a box on the upper left and lower right
buttons which will raise the platforms and release
the boulder. Climb the stairs.
From here, take the closes ride across to the south
flooring. Jump on the gray floor and over to the ride
and go through the door (the gray floor will collaspe
after a while). Kill the Mushrooms (3 are fake), and
continue. Again, kill the Mushrooms to drop a
button. Press it and go through the door.
Here, you must take a box and place it on the light
switches while watching out for boulders. This can
get tough. Place a box in front of the 2 boulders
while they are at the far side. Take the other box and
throw it to the light (jump to throw). Pick up the
other box and jump onto the light to let the boulders
go by. Place the box on the light switch and
continue. You will be near the treasure above the
large spike room. The treasure is a Key. Grab it
and carefully jump down to the ride. Make your
way to the west door and unlock it.
This is the worst part of the level. Quickness pays off
here. You have to press the button, watching out for
the spiked balls, to raise the platform. Wait for a
boulder to pass, then climb and run to the next
button. Keep doing this about 4 times to the top.
At the top, go through the door. In this room, do
not kill any Orcs. Let them jump on the button so
that you can enter the door and grab the Key. When
you return, you can the kill the Orcs. Climb the stairs
next. Kill the Orcs and unlock the door.
Go around and meet the Gumi men bowing before
something. They then run as the Orc Kings attack.
These Orcs are much stronger than regular Orcs.
Kill them the same way and a chest containing a
Life Stock will drop. Talk to Fara and she will ask
Nigel to come to her house after he is done. Follow
her, exit the Swamp Shrine, and head back to
Massan and to the Mayor's House. He will give
Nigel the Red Jewel, which will come in handy later.
Rest up, and head to Gumi.
Gumi has now changed for the better. The people
say that the Orc Kings have controlled them, but
they are now free. Exit Gumi through the other side
and 2 Gumi soldiers will push the boulder out of the
way for Nigel. You can now reach the other side.
Go to the next scene and go east. You will start to
climb a hill. Then, you have many platforms to go
up. No matter how hard it seems, keep trying, you
will thank me later. The man at top, named Kado,
will give Nigel the Magic Sword. Equip it right now.

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