Adventuring Spells

BridgeThis spell allows you to build a permanent, 2 space, bridge going in any direction into the water. Multiple bridges may be attached to one another to make bigger bridges.
Time StopTime Stop can be used to temporarily stop time to get more time to finish the game.
Find VillainThis spell tells what castle the villain who's contract you have is in.
Castle GateThis spell transports you and your army to any castle you have visited.
Town GateThis spell transports you and your army to any town you have visited.
Instant ArmyThis spell creates an army that joins your army. The type of troop is based on your class and rank. The number of troops is based on your spell power.
Raise ControlThis spell raises your control so that you can control/hire more soldiers.



Combat Spells

CloneThis spell increases the size of one of your armies, it may cause you to lose control if you aren't careful.
TeleportTeleport can be used to transport any unit (on either side) to any open point on the battlefield.
FireballFireball is a blast of flames that does damage to an enemy unit. Archmages can cast fireballs.
Lightning BoltLightning Bolt has the same general effect as fireball but it is weaker. Druids can cast lightning bolts.
FreezeThis spell holds an enemy soldier in one place so that they cannot move, however they can still attack adjacent units and retaliate against attacks.
RessurectThis spell raises a number of members of a unit equal to your spell power back from dead so that they can continue fighting, to cast this spell there must be something left of the target unit.
Turn undeadThis spell does damage to undead enemies. It is stronger than Fireball and Lightning Bolt.



Magic using notes:

To Cast a spell out of battle go into the menu and choose cast a spell.
To cast a spell in a battle go into the menu and choose cast a spell, then choose a spell and a target.
Spells can only be used once, so buy many of them
Only one spell can be cast each turn of combat (not including those cast by druids and archmages)
Dragons are immune to all magic, bad or good.
Instant army/clone spells can make you lose control of your army unless used carefully (or you can use many raise control spells and many instant army spells, like the time I had over 3000 druids, oh yeah, now that's power).