This is a list of the villains and the information about them and their armies(Numbers of soldiers are approximate):

Villains of Continentia

Villains of Forestria

Villains of Archipelia

Villains of Saharia

Murray the Miser

Reward5,000 Gold
FeaturesThreadbare clothes, bald patch with hair combed to cover it, incessant cough.
CrimesMurray is wanted for various petty crimes as well as for treason. He allowed a group of pirates to enter the castle and free criminals.
ArmyMany(20-30) Wolves, many(30-40) Militias, a few(60-70) peasants, a lot(50-60) of peasants, a lot(70-80) of peasants
NotesI could kill his army with a wet noodle and a cream puff. VERY EASY! (for anybody with the slightest shred of a decent army this should be no problem).

Hack the Rogue

AliasThe spitter
Reward6,000 gold
FeaturesBushy ebon beard stained with tobacco juice, numerous battle scars, brash, arrogant behaviour.
CrimesAlong with many minor infractions, Hack is wanted for conspiracy against the crown and grave-robbing.
Armymany(30-40) Militias, many(30-40) Militias, many(10-19) Nomads, a horde(100+) of Peasants, a lot(70-80) of peasants
NotesHarder than Murray but still pretty easy, the Peasants should die rather quickly, but the Nomads are fairly annoying to kill.

Princess Almola

AliasLady Deciet
Reward7,000 Gold
FeaturesExcessive use of make-up to hide aging features, ever-present lace handkerchief.
CrimesThe princess violated her status as a visiting dignitary by encouraging a murder and joining the conspiracy against the crown.
Armya lot(50-60) of Sprites, a lot(70-80) of Sprites, many(20+) Skeletons, many(20+) Zombies, a few(5+) Ogres
NotesEasy, if you kill the Sprites quickly (use flying troops or archers), the only problem is the Ogres (you will need somewhat stronger units or they will be quite annoying).

Baron Johnno Makahl

Reward8,000 Gold
FeaturesExpensive and gaudy clothes, overweight, and a scruffy beard.
CrimesJohnno is wanted for various crimes against the kingdom, including leading a direct assault against the crown and conspiracy.
Armymany(20+) Orcs, some(10-19) Archers, a few(about 5) Trolls, some(10-20) Dwarves, many(30-40) Wolves
NotesArchers and high HP units, can be annoying without high attack power and speed.

Dread Pirate Rob

AliasTerror of the Sea
Reward9,000 Gold
FeaturesPencil thin mustache and elegantly trimmed beard never without a rapier.
CrimesRob is wanted for piracy as well as for breaking out five traitors sentenced to death in the royal dungeons.
Armya lot(60-70) of militia, a lot(60-70) of militia, some(10-20) archers, some(10-20) elves, a few(5+) barbarians
NotesFairly easy, watch out for the Barbarians, they can pack a punch against weak units and have many HP.

Caneghor the Mystic

AliasThe Majestic Sage
Reward10,000 Gold
FeaturesVoluminous robes, bald head, magic symbols engraved on body, levitating ability.
CrimesCaneghor is wanted for grave robbing, conspiracy against the crown and for plundering the royal library.
Armysome(10-20) ghosts, a horde(about 250) of sprites, some(10+) knights, a few (5-9) archmages, a few(5-9) archmages
NotesThe first real challenge in the game; Watch out for the ghosts and archmages (ghosts will multiply, don't let low HP units near them, Archmages can do massive damage with fireballs) kill ghosts with turn undead and archers, always keep units adjacent to Archmages and kill them fast.