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Main Characters

Pic Name Notes
Arthur A Human of the Fire element. The hero of the story, Arthur was mysteriously sent back in time from the Future World. The Elder of Dharm has reared and nurtured him for hte last 10 years. Arthur is skilled in combat and courageous.
Curtis A Mutant of the Air element. Sent back in time with his best friend Arthur, Curtis has excellent attack Magic potential.
Gloria A Mutant of the Water element. Gloria was sent back from the future with Arthur and Curtis. Her powerful healing Magic allows the party to explore dangerous, unexplored areas with confidence.
Sharon A Human of the Earth element. The Elder's sole grandchild, Sharon, was raised with Arthur, Curtis, and Gloria. She is strong-willed and has well-honed fighting skills.

Supporting Characters

Pic Name Notes
Myron A Human of the Fire element. A powerful warrior, Myron grew up with Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon. He's like the big brother Arthur never had. Few monsters are able to do any serious damage to him.
Lara A Mutant of the Earth element. Lara was raised in the town of Elan in the Past World by the reclusive "Granny." Tragically, Lara has been brainwashed by a powerful Monster.
Faye A Human of the Water element. Faye is a young woman who is raised by the Elder of Dharm in the Present World. In the Future World, she will grow to become a respected warrior.
Borgin A Mutant of the Fire element. Borgin is the last person to join the party, but perhaps the most important. It is he who sent Arthur, Curtis, and Gloria back in time from Viper, the embattled city of the Future World.
Dion A Human of the Wind element. Raised as a youth by the Elder of Dharm, Dion grows to become a famous rebel leader in the Future World.

Crew of the Talon

Pic Name Notes
Masa The Weapon Artist. Masa is the most skilled weapon-maker in Pureland. He can turn the cursed "Muramas" sword into the mighty "Masmune" sword. He can also mix "Light Stone" and "Dark Stone" to create new Weapons. When he boards the Talon, Weapons can be bought from him.
Juba The Armor Artist. Juba is the best armorsmith in Pureland. Like Masa, Juba can mix "Light Stone" and "Dark Stone" to create Armor. When he boards the Talon, Armor can be bought from him.
Shar The Wizard. Shar is the only wizard in Pureland. Like Masa and Juba, he can work wonders with the four Magic Stones and create "New Magic." He will sell magic when he boards the Talon.
Buzi The Sage. This learned individual can remove the haunting and dangerous "images" cast by Monsters. When he boards the Talon, he will sell tools.

Supporting Cast

Pic Name Notes
The Elder of Dharm The Elder is the supreme ruler of the city of Dharm, where the hero was raised. He sealed the city when Borgin brought the hero to him and told him of the coming danger.
Cronos When you meet Cronos in the Past, Present, and Future Worlds in the city of Elan, he will give you valuable information. He is Granny's grandson.
Dr. Belski A true medical genius, but somewhat ecentric, Dr. Belski's research into biotechnology in the future city of Viper will save many, including Dion.
Dr. Pulcer The World's foremost expert on the Talon, Dr. Pulcer dwells in an underwater shelter and guides the party when it goes to Pureland. He once had a partner named Dr. Quacer, but has not been in contact with him with him since Quacer's departure for Pureland.
Dr. Quacer Part of the advance party which includes Borgin and Jupiah, Dr. Quacer goes to Pureland in the Talon 2. He lives in Talonburg and, with luck and enough time, could repair the Talon, should the need arise.
Granny You'll meet up with Granny in every era of your time travels. she lives in Elan and can offer vital information. Granny is over 200 years old, but she'll never admit it.
Eitar The start student of Buzi, Eitar lives in a town in Pureland. He and his fellow townsmen are tormented by Mummycats that lurk in the maze.
King Clamin King Clamin reigns over Floatland, a continent which soars high over the surface of The World. He will only help you if he thinks you have a chance, so make sure you have the Xcalibr Sword in your possesion if you want his help.
The Dwelgs These barbaric giants dwell in a city in the Pureland Underworld. They will attack when encountered, but if your party has transformed itself into Monsters using the magic "Morph," interesting things may be learned.