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12/16/02 - Went through the shrine and fixed some spelling errors. Spiffed up the tables, too. A Downloads pages is in the works, as is (hopefully) a world map.

7/7/02 - Done.

5/?/02 - Refinements, the enemies page.

4/25/02 - Every section should be up with at least a little bit of info. Left to do: find miscellaneous gifs, finish the last 15 minutes of the walkthrough, a bit on the locations, the basics page, then do the hacking, gif-collecting, and then creation for the Enemies section.

4/13/02 - Did some stuff (walkthrough, locations, magic) just in case Cid ever checks. Might put more stuff up tonight.

3/24/02 - Barebones stuff brought online to refine the way information will be htmlized. Most pages won't be up.

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