The Rescue and a Horrible Fate


Head north from where you land and go inside the tower.
First head into the door on the right and go up the stairs. Try headng left, and you'll encounter the Leaonar. Head left onto the star, and you'll be teleported across to the other room. Grab the Small Medal, Strength Seed, and Wizard Robe. Kill the 2 Hawkmen and step on one of the tiles. Head up the stairs.
On the next floor, grab the chest for an Armband of Sacrifice. Head up the right staircase first. Head all the way up as far as you can and go outside and down the ladder. Head down the ladder and go down the stairs. Open the chests for a Mimic, 800 Gold, and a Magic Water. Head back to the room with the spikes and go up the staircase on the left.
Head across the platf orms and head up the stairs. Head outside to grab the chest for a Zombie Mail, then head back inside and up the stairs.
Now head outside and across the ledge and enter the other tower. Head up the stairs. On the next floor, don't let the dragon heads strike you. Hug the opposite wall from them and proceed. Head up the stairs on the right. Head to the left hand corner and head south for chests containing a Leaf of the World Tree and a Small Medal.
Head back downstairs and make your way to the left hand passage. Head down and go up the stairs. Head up the next set of stairs too.
Head up yet another set of stairs and hit this switch. Before you can though, you'll be attacked by a Balloon and 2 Mamboos. Step on the teleporter after the battle.
On this area, open the chests for a Mimic and a Wing of the Wyvern. Search the pot for a Small Medal. Flip the switch and head back outside on the 9th floor.
Head across on the new platform and enter the other side of the tower. Head up the stairs. You'll see the Chancellor lying there. He asks you to forgive him for making the deal with the monsters. He apolgozies then dies. Head up the stairs.
Talk to the Orc on the throne. It makes some generally evil threats and attacks you. Oh dear.
Orc Lv. 20:
This battle is very easy. Just use regular attacks and heal if necessary. Eliminating the Orc shouldn't prove very difficult.
Now head across the newly opened path and talk to the Wyvern. The Wyvern also makes a pathetic attempt at being evil and attacks.
Wyvern Lv. 35:
Uh oh, the Wyvern's a higher level! That must mean it's harder right? Nope. Just use regular attacks to defeat this monster too.
Head down to the newly opened up floor to see your wife. She explains that this was all a trap to lure you away from Granvania. Centarsus uses his power to throw her against the wall and says you're a selfish king who abandons his loyal subjects for his own goals. He then decides to destroy you, of course.
I don't know why his name is different here but meh. At first, this battle is like fighting a glorified Metal Babble. You won't be able to do anything to Centares at all. Just keep your HP up.
After a while, Jami (uh, ok) comments that he's invincible. Bianca yells and throws herself at Centares, destroying his barrier. Now Centares can be defeated. He's really pretty easy- just pound away on him, and he'll fall in no time.
Centarsus recognizes that Bianca has the blood of the Legendary Warrior too. He predicts that she'll give birth to the Legendary Warrior soon (whoops pal too late.)
He turns the two of you to stone to prevent this from ahppening... ehh too bad it's already happened.