And the Path Is Revealed


Head back to this area in the eastern continent.
Use the Magma Staff, and the mountains will crumble away, opening up a path to the cavern.
Head north and go inside the cavern. Once inside, head southwest and go down the stairs.
You can probably already tell where this is leading... Head down the stairs and hop into the mine cart. Head north, and you'll go down the tracks. Now head a bit farther north and flip the switch. Hop into the 2nd card to get past the obstacles.
Head west over the tracks to get a chest with 950 Gold. You can ignore the minecart and head south.
Grab the chests for a Small Medal and an Acorns of Life. Hit the switch on the tracks and hop into the cart. It'll launch you over the rocks.
Hit borth switches in the next area and hop into the cart. It'll launch you over the gap and into the tunnel now.
You'll end up in another cart- head north and go up the stairs.
Before going into any more carts, head east for a chest with a Magic Water inside and down the stairs and to the north for a chest with 750 Gold inside. Head back to the cart. Hit the switch then get in to get over the next gap. Head down and hit the switch then ride it back across and back again to jump over the gap. You'll go soaring along through a tunnel and down some stairs.
Before doing anything, head west and up the stairs to grab the Staff of Benediction. Head back down the stairs and hit the switch to try to stop the man in the cart. The switch breaks and sends the guy flying across the gap. Head south.
Talk to the man who reveals that his name is Pusan. He's soriginally from Zenithia, and since he figures you're hreading there joins the party. Hop in the cart and head north to go past the circle and over the gap. Hop in the next cart to be taken to the new cavern and hop into the cart there too.
The cart will go north through all the water and dump you off in Zenithia. The castle is in horrible shape. Head north up to the double doors. Pusan wonders how the Castle came to fall into the lake so long ago.
No one's in the throne room, of course. Pusan remembers that there's a hidden staircase behind the throne. Search there to find it and head downstairs.
Head over to the east, and Pusan will realize what's happened- the Golden Orb which was supporting the castle has disappeared.
The Castle won't rise again until the orb is replaced. Pusan meditates to try to find where the Orb could be.
The scene shifts back to when you found the Golden Orb so long ago with Bianca in the abandoned castle.
The scene shifts through a couple of other phases, returning to when Papas was killed and the Orb taken from you and crushed. Gema caused the castle to fall down like it has. It's possible to get another one if you visited the Faeries since they created the orbs...