A Tower into the Sky


Now head to this tower on the center continent.
The place is in really bad shape- you also might remember this place from Dragon Warrior IV... Head north, up the stairs, and into the entrance.
Head to the northeastern corner on the first floor and go up the stairs. Head inside the small building.
Grab the chest for a Leaf of the World Tree then head back outside and go back down the stairs. Now make your way to the northwestern corner of the area and head up the stairs.
Head up borth sets of stairs.
On this floor, grab the chest for a Small Medal then head to the east and go inside the building. Head up the northern staircaise and then head up the next one to arrive back outside.
Head west and go into the building and up the stairs.
Talk to the man, and he'll be surprised someone has made it this far. He says this tower used to lead to the Zenithian Castle, but the Castle has now fallen into the lake. He'll tell you to take the Magma Staff to clear some rocks blocking the cavern. Grab the Staff from the chest and leave the tower.