A Familiar Face



The ship arrives at the large city of Port Selmi. Time to look around town.

Well if the lighthouse is infested with monsters, we should be some good 'ol heros and clean it out.
...Ok well maybe the guy lied. Grab the Small Medal from the drawers before leaving the lighthouse.
Search the flowers around the church to find another Small Medal. Search the rest of the town to find 50 G and a Silk Apron.
In the tavern/inn, you'll find a peasant being attacked by some bandits. Help him out and defeat the 2 Bandit Wolves. The bandits will flee.
The Peasant gives you 1500 Gold as an incentive to help his village. It seems there's a large monster ravaging their fields, and the villagers can't do anything about it. He'll give you 1500 more Gold after you save his village which is to the far south.
Head south to Kabochi.
When you arrive there, a menacing monster is standing in the crops. When you move, the monster will run off. Stay the night at the inn.
Move this strange plate to reach a chest with an Armband of Sacrifice inside. Search the rest of the town for a Strength Seed, Leather Hat, Magic Water, and 2 Small Medals. One of the Small Medals is in the upper-left corner of the General Store.
It seems some of the villagers don't exactly like your intruding in their situations.
The Elder is glad that you agreed to help the village. He mentions the monster seems to be coming from the west.
If you head to the west, you'll come across a large cavern. The monster must be coming from here.
Once inside the cave, head east and take the 2nd southern passageway. On the way down, search above the skeleton by a burned-out campfire to find a Small Medal. Keep heading south and take western side to get a chest with a Stone Axe. Now head back to the east and hand down the stairs.
If you fall off the side of the cavern, you can reach a chest with an Iron Helm inside. Also, the chest in the southwestern corner is a Man-Eating Chest (Cannibox). Head counter clockwise to reach the stairs leading down. On the next floor, walk north into the cave.
You'll see the monster from earlier guarding a sword. It'll attack.
Killer Panther:
Remember in the Fairy Village, the old man was surprised that you had tamed a Killer Panther, Borongo? And remember how Borongo disappeared all that time ago? Yup... this is Borongo. If you try to fight the battle, you can't win. Borongo has infinite HP. You'll notice occasionally Borongo will try to remember something. Check your inventory to see Bianca's ribbon. Use it on Borongo to end the battle.
After that short battle, Borongo will rejoin the party. He's no longer a Baby Panther now! The sword behind Borongo is Papas's Sword. Unless you bought a King Medal Sword at the Oracle Valley Casino (Heh... I did), equip Papas's Sword. Leave the cave and head back to Kabochi.
Everyone in town realizes your clever conspiracy to send monsters at the town to collect money. Aren't they brilliant? The Elder will give you the rest of the reward money and tell you to leave. Ah well, at least they didn't come at you with torches and pitchforks. Head north towards Port Selmi.
Instead of going into Selmi, head west to the city of Ruraphin. Search the town to find Small Medal x2, a Wing of Wyvern, an Agility Seed, Acorns of Magic, and a Medical Herb.
If you want to talk to people in the tavern, make sure to come back at night. There, you can learn about Bennet who is researching some magical spell. The bartender advises you to look for the Zenithian equipment if you want to find the legendary hero. You'l also hear that Henry got married- that was quick.
Now head to Bennet's house- the one with smoke coming out of it. Inside, tell Bennet you aren't here to complain, and you're interested in his research. He'll take you upstairs.
He points out where you can find the RuraMoon Herb and asks you to retrieve it. With the Herb, he can bring back the lost spell Return. Agree and leave town. Remember, the Herb can only be retrieved at night.
Head west and to the point on the map where the Herb should be. If it's night, the Herb glows. Pick the Herb and return to Bennet.
Bennet will be very excited that you brought him a RuraMoon Herb and runs back downstairs to finish his experiment.
After an explosion, he'll ask you to check and see if you're able to cast any new spells. Ta-da! You've learned Return. First stop: Oracle Valley. At night, buy the World Map from the man that sold you the wagon for 1000 Gold. Now return to Ruraphin and start heading south.