An Adventure in the Night



At home, Sancho greets Papas and leads him inside. A young girl named Bianca also greets both you and Papas.

Bianca quickly tires of the conversation and takes you upstairs no matter how you respond.
Bianca is a bit older than you, and she seems to take pleasure in that. She'll try to read a book that goes along the lines of "In the sky there is a..." Well, if you've played DW4 and/or DQ6 you know what she's reading about. Bianca's mother comes upstairs, however, and tells her it's time to go back to the inn. Now you can roam freely around town. Make sure to get all the items in town which are: a Leather Hat, Medical Herb x2, and a Strength Seed.
Once you've finished looting the town, go to the Inn and speak to Bianca's mother to learn that she had ordered a man to get medicine for her husband. Someone needs to go check on him, and since Papas is busy, now is the time to become a Hero.
Go to the back of the town and enter the cave. If you ever need healing, return home and talk to Sancho, and he'll let you rest upstairs.
Head north and take the western cavern to get a Medical Herb then return to the main cavern. Head north and take the western cavern. Go down the stairs.
First head southeast and get the chest for 50 Gold. Then head back to the stairs and head to the northwest to get a Leather Shield. Now head south through the cavern and take the stairs on the western side.
Head north from the stairs and talk to the halfling. The halfling was the man that was going to deliver the medicine. Push the rock off of him, and he'll continue his task. Now head north and open the chest for the Wayfarer's Clothes. Now before heading back up to the town, I recommend gaining up to level 5 and have 270 GP for a Copper Sword.
After returning from the cave, spend the night at your house. The next morning, Papas and the Hero will escort Bianca and her mother back to Alcapa.
In Alcapa, Duncan will be adminstered the medicine. Papas tells you to walk around for a while if you're bored. When you leave the room in the Inn, Bianca will join the party. Search the Inn to find a Defense Seed and a Wing of Wyvern.
Talk to the ministral in town, and he'll tell you about a castle that was deserted because the King and Queen couldn't have children.
Talk to the children that are kicking the poor cat- they'll leave the cat alone if you beat the ghosts of Lenoire. Eh... well you can probably guess where you'll be going.
Return to the Inn and talk to Papas. Duncan only had a cold... bah! Before you can leave, Duncan's wife tells you to stay the night at the Inn.
She'll take you upstairs, and Papas will tell you that you'll need to wake up early in the morning so that you can leave.
However, during the night, Bianca comes to your room and wakes you up. It seems you're going to the Castle Lenoire to beat the ghosts so that you can save that poor kitten.
I recommend gaining levels outside until both the Hero and Bianca are level 8 and are fully equipped
Now head north to the Palace of Lonoire.
Since the door is locked, head east and climb up all the ladders to the top.
Go through the large door, and it'll close behind you! Head down the stairs in the small room.
The next room is full of skeletons. Before you can take the stairs down, they'll get up and take Bianca away. Meep.
On the next floor, get the Wing of Wyvern from the chest; the other one is empty. Take the stairs down and go south through the door.
You'll hear a noise when you get outside once again. Check both graves. The first one reads, "Here lies <Hero name>." The second one reads, "Here lies Biance." After searching the grave, Bianca will rise out of it and rejoin the party. Go back inside the castle.
Talk to the ghost and the bookshelves and stools will be realigned, and a staircase will be reaveled. The note behind the ghost says, "Give us back our graves." Go down the staircase.
Talk to the ghost of Sophia, and she'll ask you to help her and Erik rest in peace. The ghost will fade away. Now go down the staircase.
The next room is in pure darkness. Work your way to the southeast to reach a corridor with light and go down the stairs.
Continue down the stairs to reach the basement. The King Erik walks down the hall to the west and does up the stairs. Before following him, grab the Medical Herb from the pot.
Talk to Eric and agree to help remove the ghosts from the castle. He'll mention that he left a torch in the kitchen somewhere. Return to the kitchen and search the pot by the stove to find the Torch. Now head back upstairs, and you'll be able to see through the darkness!
First head north and go up the stairs. Talk to the moving statue and kill it then go up the stairs.
Search the middle jar for a Medical Herb then search the jar that Erik was at to teleport down to the next floor.
First head west and go down the stairs to unlock the front door then head back up the stairs.
Now head north and follow the opening doors. There's also an inn behind a closed door to the east. If you stay there, you'll wake up outside. That is the reason why you need the door unlocked. Follow the opening doors and go up the stairs.
Talk to the demon at the throne, and he'll drop you downstairs to where all the skeletons were waiting for the main course.
Kill all of them then head back upstairs and talk to the demon again. This time he'll attack you.

Boss Ghost:
Recommend Level: 9
The Boss Ghost is rather easy to kill. Have Bianca cast Decrease to lower his Defense while the Hero uses physical attacks. If Boss Ghost casts Sap, have the Hero cast Upper on the affected character. The only spell to watch out for is Firebal which will do around 20 damage to both the Hero and Bianca.
After beating him, spare him and Erik and Sophia will be able to rest. You get a Gold Orb for your good work! Now return to Alcapa.

Looks like you'll have enough evidence to get that cat.
Yup... the cat is yours. Now you get a choice of 4 names for the Baby Panther. After naming it, it'll join the party.
After getting Borongo (the Baby Panther), talk to Papas and tell him you're ready to go.
Bianca will say goodbye and give you her ribbon to put on Borongo.
After arriving back at Santa Rosa, Sancho will recommend you go to sleep for a while. The next day, Papas has some business to attend to and Sancho's cutting board is missing so look around town. There's a mysterious man there that admires the Golden Orb and tells you to take care of your Father. Hmmm...
It seems things are missing everywhere around town... Head to the tavern, and you'll see a ghost on the counter. Talk to her, and she'll ask you to meet her in the house with the basement (your house) so head over there.
You'll learn the ghost is actually an elf named Bella that came to this world to seek help because her country is in danger. However, no one here can see her except for you.
After Papas comes down wondering what the noise is and has left, Bella will make a stairway appear in the basement. Might as well go up it...