A Ring of Fire



By heading south from Ruraphin, you'll reach this small hut. Head inside.

Inside this building, you'll hear a few rumors, including that Lord Henry has married. Search the well here for a Small Medal.
Now head south and go into the cave.
Head south in the cave, and you'll run into this soldier. He'll ask you to return to Reinhart to see Henry. Wait until night and cast Return.
Back in Reinhart, the people are all partying. In the Inn, you'll meet a bunnygirl that asks you if you want a puff puff. From the confused look on the hero's face, she can tell you've not been around girls much. She tells you that you'll find a nice girl some day. Wait for day time once more and enter the castle.
Dale is pleased to see you again. He tells you that he has changed his studies to the legendary warrior. He says that the Zenithian Shield rests in Salabona. He asks you to see Henry before you leave.
Henry and Marina have been married. Henry is very grateful that you came to see him. He explains that he always liked Marina and actually thought she liked you more. Henry and Marina both hope you find someone special also and ask that you invite them to your wedding. Now head back to the cavern south of Ruraphin.
Go back to the room the guard was in. Taking the south-eastern path gets a nice Small Medal for you. That should be #11. Now take the southwestern path and head up the stairs.
Head west to Salabona.
U[on entering Salabona, a puppy charges right at you. A voice asks you to catch the puppy.
A young woman comes running up after the puppy. She thanks you for catching her and leaves with the dog. Now explore town to find an Iron Shield, an Intelligence Seed, and a Small Medal.
Ludman, the rich man of the town, is going to make an announcement. Until then, the bar is rather dead.
You'll learn that the huge fuss is that Ludman is giving away his beautiful daughter Flora for marriage. Head to the house in the southeast to learn about Andy.
In the manshion, talk to the people in line. Andy is the only one that really loves Flora for who she is- not because of her forture. After talking to the other suitors, you're all invited inside.
Ludman is willing to give away his daughter and his heirloom shield, but the price is rather high. You'll have to find the Fire and Water Rings which are somewhere on this continent. Fun!
Flora will come down, upset that there is such a huge commotion over her. She wants to choose her own husband. She'll also recognize you as the man that saved her puppy. She mentions the Fire Ring is in a place where fire flows freely. After everyone leaves, head upstairs to get a Silver Barrette.
Now that this is over and done with, head southeast to the Volcano. I recommend being at least Level 28 here.
In the volcano, you'll run into Andy. He'll wish you luck as well. In the southwestern corner, you'll find a chest with 450 Gold. Head through the northwestern exit and loop around.Head south then east. Head north across the bridge and then down the stairs.
On this next floor, head east then grab the chest which is a Man-Eater. Hopefully you have Stepguard. If you do, cast it and walk on the lava to reach the chest with a Staff of Antimagic inside. Now head east to get a chest with an Iron Helm inside. Head north and down the stairs.
This next floor definitely won't be fun if you don't have Stepguard. First head up the northeastern path for a Defense Seed. Then head to the northwest to get a chest with 1500 Gold. Now head through the middle passage. Head down the lower-right path to reach a healing fountain. Now head back upstairs and take the upper-right path.
Head north, and you'll see the Fire Ring. Before you can grab it, you're attacked by a group of Lava Savages.
Lava Savage x3:
Depending on how well prepared you are, this battle can either be really easy or rather difficult. If you happen to have 3 Metal King Swords, you'll be able to chop the Savages up in no time. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with their Flaming Breath attacks which do ~30 damage to everyone. After killing them, you'll get 1 Gold and the Ring of Flames. Head back to Salabona.
Talk to Ludman and give him the ring. He'll now let you use his ship to find the Water Ring.
At Andy's house, Flora is nursing him back to health. It seems Andy was badly burned while trying to find the Fire Ring. She asks if you're okay too.
Head north on the ship, and you'll run into this locked gate. Only authorized personel can pass, so you'll have to head to the Mountain Village.
Get off the ship and head to the northeast.