The Revival


After a while, your statues are discovered by two brothers. Since you're an interesting find, they cart you off. Lovely.
Ojiron can't seem to locate you anywhere. He dispatches the guards to find you too now. Suddenly, the children start crying- they seem to know something's happened to you.
Meanwhile, you're being aunctioned off. Fun stuff. You sell for a whopping 2000 Gold. The older brother wants your wife for himself though. Grar.
You're brought home to this little house as a good luck sign. The years pass...
One day, the kid Gigo is out running while his mother watches.
Suddenly, two monsters come down and take Gigo away to be a child slave- most likely in that temple you worked in...
The father blames you for the bad luck and kicks you over. More time passes...
One day Sancho (!) and two kids (!!) arrive.
They notice you statue and use the Staff of Stoross on you.
You're turned back to flesh, hooray!
The husband is obviously freaked out that he bought a human all those years ago. The kids flood you with questions until Sancho asks that they leave you alone for a second and return to Granvania. Your daughter casts Return.
Back in Granvania, the kids demand that you take them with you. They said it's only fair since you left with Grandpa Papas when you were their age. When you try to head downstairs, they join you anyways.
Ojiron is now dressed up like a chancellor. He's glad to see you again. He'll tell you that you should go to Martha's town- the people there shouldn't hate you anymore.
Now talk to Sancho. A ship has been prepared for you. He'll also mention that he wants to travel with you sometime. You can now get Sancho to join the party by talking to Ruida.
Donwstairs behind the inn, you'll meet the soldier Nello. He always wished he could travel with the king. You can now pick him up from Ruida's too; however, his name is now Pippin. Dunno why. Now we have a few places to visit, Telepador is first. You've probably noticed the Son can equip the Zenithian equipment. Head there to grab the helm.
At Telepador, Isis will tell you that she's heard the Legendary Warrior is returning. She notices your son and says she feels a great power from him.
Follow her down to the Helm again, and the Son will put it on. The Helm shrinks to fit his head. Isis rejoices that the Warrior has arrived.
Isis will tell you that the only thing she can do for you is to pray for your success. She thanks you. Now cast Return and head to Reinhart.
Reinhart hasn't changed too much. Dale does look like an actual King though. Upstairs, you'll find Henry and Mariana with their son, Collins. Collins is the spitting image of the young prince Henry. Henry will ask Collins to take your kids on a tour of the palace. After a brief exchange of words, head down to find your children.
Collins is up to Henry's old tricks it seems. Head to the stool and search to find the descending staircase again.
Collins isn't too pleased that he was found so easily. And you don't even get to be his lackey since you don't have a Goon Badge. An aid quickly comes down and tells Collins he can't be here.
Now head back upstairs and talk to Collins. He'll give you a Hat of Winds for your trouble. Now head outside the castle. You'll see this guy guarding a chest. Talk to him and he attacks.
Kandar's Henchman:
This battle is really pretty easy. Regular attacks should be enough to defeat him. If you're having any trouble, have the Son cast Increase. After beating him, grab his chest for a Demon Armor.
Now return to the Mountain Village. Talk to Duncan and show him the kids. He's pleased to see him and trusts you'll find Bianca. Head outside and north of Duncan's house to find another Kandar's Henchman guarding a Silk Busche. Now head back to Granvania.