Reinhart Revisited to Vista Harbor



Recommend Level: 20
At the gate, Henry recognizes the soldier there, and, after a brief discussion, the soldier will let you pass.

Reinhart is in very bad shape. The Empress has been taxing the people far too much so that she can build up an invincible army.
Henry decides the best way for you to find out exactly what's going on in the castle is if his identify remains unknown.
Upstairs you'll find some of the splendid men with their amazing moral character that the Empress has hired. One of the soldiers is also still depressed about the destruction of Santa Rosa.
Since there's nothing you can do, it seems, head back downstairs, and Henry will mention looking for a secret passageway...
Remember that boat that the men used to kidnap Prince Henry all that time ago? Well board the boat and head to the drawbridge. If you came at night, you probably noticed the cave under the bridge. Take the boat to that cave.
Sail north and dock the boat. Walk north and examine the altar to find a hidden switch that'll open a door to the north. Take the exit to the north.
The door to the left is locked so head clockwise along the passage and take the stairs down.
Head west past the first northern exit and take the second one to reach 2 chests with a Steel Fand and a Shell Hat inside. Then head back south and take the door on the right. The prisoner in the jail mentions that the Empress was the one that ordered the attack on Papas's village. Grr. Take the exit to the west.
Head west then south and stop by the cell.
You'll find... the Queen of Reinhart in there. Then who is the Empress? Leave her for now and head south to the stairs.
Head north and hit the switch on the way to open the door. Take the stairs up. In the castle courtyard, you'll be attacked by two Dragon Pups. After beating it, take the door into the kitchen.
One of the men upstairs mentions controlling evolution... Dragon Warrior 4 anyone?
In the throne room, talk to Dale. Henry will reveal himself, and Dale is quite surprised about the turn of events. After learning the Queen is in the dungeon, Dale gives you the Reinhart Key to access the storage room. He mentions a mirror which can reveal anything too. Get the chests in the locked room for 1200 G, Acorns of Life, and a Half Plate Armor. Now you'll have to return to the kitchen area via the cave, but, if you hit that switch, it'll be a very short walk.
Remember the part of the castle that Henry was kidnapped from that had the locked door? Return there now and unlock the door with the key. Search the left-most pot in the room for a Small Medal. Then check the bookshelves to learn what that tower south of the Nunnery was for- it has the mirror you're looking for. The book also says that the Nunnery has the key. Head down the stairs and walk into the warp gate. You'll reappear south of the Nunnery.
Talk to Marina in the Nunnery. She is very glad to see both you and Henry again.
The Nun at the piano mentions that the Southern Tower can only be opened by a Maiden of God. Marina begs the nun to let her go to the tower with you. The nun finally agrees. Now set off for the Southern Tower.
Marina will pray before the door, and it will open. Now head to the northeast corner of the first floor and take the stairs up.
First head south for a chest with 650 Gold. Then head back north and go to the west. Take the small path south, open the door, and go up the stairs.
The stairs in the northeastern corner lead you to a pot with a Magic Water inside. After getting that, walk along the narrow pathway to the north to get 2 chests with a Scale Shield and Acorns of Magic inside. Take the stairs on the northwestern corner.
Head south then east and go up the stairs.
Head north, and you'll encounter an invisible bridge. Walk north a bit then head to the west. Continue by walking straight ahead and grab the Mirror of Ra. Now leave the tower. Now head back to Reinhart Castle.
Recommended Level: 23
In the throne room, the Chancellor mentions that Dale has brought another Empress... seems like he got his real mother from the Castle Dungeon. Head upstairs.
Dale's really messed things up it seems. Now no one knows which one is the real queen... except for you!
Use the Mirror of Ra on the Queen on the left. The mirror reveals that she's actually a monster! The Imposter realizes the only way out of this is to kill you. Heh.
This battle is very simple. Henry should cast Surround to end her abilities to hit you and Decrease to lower her defense. Have the Hero slice her up, and your last member's strategy will vary. I used Pierre to aid the Hero in the slicing. 2 King Metal Swords really turn the tide here. The Imposter will call for Trick Bags occasionally. Make sure to kill those before they cast Stopspell. The Imposter has 2 Firebreath attacks. Neither do too much in the way of damage.
The Imposter is astonished that it was beaten. It says that Dale could have been King of the World and dies.
Dale is very thankful for all your help in restoring Reinhart. He wishes Henry to be King, but Henry refuses. Henry does tell you that he will now remain with Dale to help him rule the country. Henry leaves the party. He mentions that ships should be returning to Vista now so maybe you could take one to continue your adventures.
A ship has finally arrived in Vista. Head over to it.
The Captain says you must be the last passenger, and the ship heads off across the sea to the west...