A Ring of Water and a Marriage



Welcome to the Namless Mountain Village. Explore the town to find a Strength Seed, Small Medalx2, and a Medical Herb.

Upstairs in the Inn, you'll learn that Bianca and Duncan are in this town now. Head to the edge of town to reach Bianca's house.
Duncan isn't doing too well, and his wife has died. Bianca was in front of her mother's grave- you probably saw her earlier. Bianca will then enter the house. Bianca is overjoyed to see you. She wants to adventure with you again like you promised, but she isn't too happy to learn that you're getting married, but she still takes it well.
You end up spending the night at Bianca's. Duncan tells you that Bianca isn't his real daughter, and he isn't much longer for this world. He wishes you'd stay with her after he was gone.
Bianca fixes breakfast for you, and she explains she wants to help you get the Water Ring. She can open the flood gate too. Accept her help, and she joins the party.
Head over to the flood gate with Bianca, and she'll open it.
Now get in your ship and head north and up the river to this waterfall. Enter the cavern.
Inside the cave, head south and go down the stairs.
Head around the curve that surrounds the water and go down the stairs.
Just head all the way to the west and down the stairs.
Head south and then east across the small bridge. Bianca comments on how beautiful the waterfall is. Now continue and enter the cave to the east.
Head around the northern bend in the watery cavern. Drop down the hole in the western side of the cave. Head south and grab the chest on the other side of the bridge for a Robe of Serenity. Head back inside and drop down the hole again. Now head north and then east and down the stairs. Now head all the way south.
This next room surprises Bianca. She says she never expected to see anything like this in here. Head in a counter-clockwise path along the room. Head east and down both sets of stairs to get a chest with an Elven Medicine inside. Now return to the previous floor and make your way towards the cave in the waterfall. Also grab the chest for 1200 Gold. Now head in the cave.
You'll find the Ring of Water. Bianca is glad that you found the ring since now you can get married... She definitely doesn't seem too excited and tries to ask you something, but she dismisses it. She says now you can get the Zenithian Shield too. Now leave the cave and head back to Salabona.
All thvillagers congratulate you. Andy came back yet again, injured. Now head to the manshion and talk to Ludman. He's glad that you've found both rings and says you're fit to marry Flora. He asks Flora if she has any objections, and she says no.
However, Flora wants to know who the girl with you is. Bianca introduces herself as your old friend. Flora can tell that Bianca is in love with the Hero, and the Hero cares about Bianca. Ludman decides that you should spend the night thinking about who you'll choose to marry. Agree, and you'll stay at the Inn. Bianca will stay at Ludman's second house.
That night, the Hero can't sleep so head outside the Inn for a walk. At Andy's house, his mother seems upset that you're going to marry Flora. She says Andy is going to be devestated. Andy can only moan Flora's name as he writhes in agony. Head to where Bianca is staying. She can't sleep either. She tells you to marry Flora since it's the right thing to do, and she can take care of herself. At Ludman's, you're told that he'll handle the wedding even if you don't marry Flora. You're getting married no matter what.
Head back to the Inn. The next morning, you're called to Ludman's mansion. Now's the time to choose who you want to marry. Tell Duncan you're ready and propose to the girl you want to marry. This isn't a circular choice- whoever you marry changes the story a bit. I choose Bianca, you've known her longer, and she loves you already. If you propose to Bianca, she'll mention that Flora seems much more ladylike. If you ask her to marry you, she'll accuse you of calling her unlady-like and then tells you that she loves you. Flora will tell you she needs to be protected if you ask her to marry you.
Whatever your choice was, the bride goes off to get dressed, and the other girl goes off to help her. Ludman tells you he ordered a special Silk Veil for the bride from a toolsman in the Mountain Village. Head there, get the Veil, and return.
Head inside and place the Silk Veil over your bride's head. Now take her outside. Henry and Mariana greet you. They're both very proud of you and head off to the church. Now head there for the marriage ceremony.
The wedding goes beautifully. Henry congratulates you as you pass by as does the girl you didn't marry.
The next morning, you and your wife should head to Ludman's. If you married Flora, she'll have to get permission to go with you. Ludman will let her go only if she travels to the western shrine with you and isn't a nuisance. Either way he'll let you have the 2 locked chests which contain 2000 Gold and the Zenithian Shield.
If you married Bianca, have just you and her in the party and return to Alcapa. Stay at the inn there. Bianca will tell you she was thinking about old times again. She then asks if it's ok if she goes over there with you. This short scene doesn't exist with Flora. Now head to the Mountain Village to check on Duncan.
Duncan says that he's so happy that you've married Bianca. He's even gotten all better now because of that.