An Escape from Bondage



10 years pass since that fateful day. Meh being a slave isn't any fun. Head up the stairs to the east and then go north through the door and up the stairs.

Upstairs you'll find Henry. He's rather disheartened about the whole experience and is sorry about what happened to Papas. He shrugs off any attempts at escaping though since his brother now rules Reinhart. Look around some more, and the guards will tell you its time to call it a day.
The next morning Henry wakes you up.
In the same room you'll find Marina, a former member of the Order of Light that was enslaved. She no longer believes in them anymore after this. Talk to everyone then talk to Henry again. He'll tell you that he's changed alot since he met Papas. Before you can finish your discussion, you are forced to go back to work.
Head down to the basement, and you'll find one of the female slaves being flogged! The slave is actually Marina. Henry decides something must be done to stop them!
Whip Man x2
This is a very easy boss battle. Use Gale to strike both Whip Man at once for around 15-20 HP. Cast Healmore when your HP gets low. The only annoying part about this battle is the Strange Jig that the Whip Men use to drain your MP.
After beating the Whip Men senseless, the Guards come down. Ma
Talk to Henry until the cell door is opened.
Marina is there and thanks you for saving her.
The guard with Marina is Joshua, her brother. He brings you back all your equipment and asks you to take Marina with you in your escape. He then puts the three of you in a barrel and releases it into the waterway allowing you to escape.
The barrel floats across the ocean to a small monestary.
You awaken in the monastery 3 days later. You also have new clothes... yay!
Marina is all better now. She's glad to see that you are alright too. She'll give you the 1000 G that Joshua gave her.
Head outside of the monastery to find Henry. He'll tell you to tell him when you're ready to leave. Talk to him again, and he'll join the party and tell the nuns that you're leaving. They wish you luck and tell you to head to the city to the north.
Head north to Oracle Valley, preferably at night.
If you enter during the night, head to the northwestern corner and talk to the merchant behind his stand. He'll sell you the caravan for a low price of 300 G, a great deal! Make sure to buy it. Also look around town to find a Defence Seed, Silver Barrette, and a Silk Robe.
In the southwest corner is Monster Gramps, head of the Monster Day Care Center. He believes with your strong heart, you can tame any beast. Grab the Pot Lid and Monster Lure while you're down there.
Fight around outside, and you'll be able to recuit some of the monsters in no time! I recommend gaining your new party up to level 16 before proceeding.
Head north from Oracle Valley and across the bridge and head for Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa has been completely ruined. The few remaining villages tell you that the soldiers of Reinhart destroyed the town since the disappearance of Prince Henry was blamed on Papas.
In the back of the town is the old man from earlier. He tells you that Papas had something valuable deep within the cave and that it should still be there. Get the Intelligence Seed from the pot inside his house. Take the boat inside the cave.
Head north along the stream and take the stairs on the island. Then head north and take the next set of stairs down.
Head north and take the northern exit for a chest with 850 Gold. Head back south and take the western cavern. Once in there, head north and go down the stairs.
Follow the winding tunnel around and ignore the stairs leading up for now. Go through the northern exit for a chest with an Agility Seed and a Breastplate. Now head back south and take the stairs up.
Walk north, and you'll come into this large room. Wherever you walk, cracks appear. Hmm.. walk north and go down the stairs.
You'll notice that the areas with cracks caused the water below to disappear. Clear a path to the chest and to the stairs in the above floor then come back down and open the chest for a Lamp of Darkness. Take the stairs down.
Head west past the southern path and go into the cavern. Head south and take the small exit to the east. Now head all the way south then go through the large opening and down the stairs.
Grab the Strength Seed and Leather Loincloth in the small room then head through the door. You'll find the Zenithian Sword lying on the floor.
There is also a note from Papas. He asks you to find the Zenithian Armor, the Legendary Warrior, and save your mother from the Demon World. Now exit the cave.
Talk to the old man and tell him you found the Zenithian Sword in the cave. He tells you that Papas was devestated when he learned that he couldn't wield the sword. The nun in town will mention Bianca... hmm let's go check on her. Head west to Alcapa.
Talk to the old man in the Inn. He was wanting to visit Duncan, but now Duncan's moved far away.
Stay the night at the Inn. Henry will talk to you that night about returning to Reinhart to check out exactly what's going on there. The next morning, head east towards the tunnel that'll take you to Reinhart.