The Forgotten People


Head along the eastern coast of the northern continent. Sail the ship into the cavern.
Head along the watery path. Take a stop on the dry land seen in this picture to nab a chest with a Satan Helm inside. Now head east and north to the T-Intersection.
Grab this chest for a Small Medal and continue to the east, following the path.
Sail north at the next junction. You'll see 2 large double doors which you can't open just yet so sail south and out of the cave.
Sail the ship to the south and dock. Head southwest to the town.
Welcome to Elhebun. You'll find a Small Medal and a Defense Seed here amongst other items which will be covered later.
The people here talk about Papas and Martha- how Martha had power beyond anyone else in the village. Head upstairs in this area and talk to the scholar. He says you can have the Magic Key and the Magic Carpet if you can find both items.
Now head up the large ladder in the western part of town. The four women will explain everything. The world was divided into 3 parts: the heavens, the earth, and the dark world. Certain people had power to open gateways between the worlds- they were called gatekeepers. Martha was the strongest gatekeeper ever- she was kidnapped by the monsters so they could use this power.
Now that you know the story, head back to the bottom of the village. Make your way to the left and up, and you'll reach this chest with the Magic Key inside.
Now return to the entrance and make your way to the right and up. You'll reach this descending staircase. Head downstairs.
Inside, you'll find the Magic Carpet. Now leave the village. With your new Magic Key, you can get the following items:
Selmi: Thorn Whip, Acorn of Life
Granvania: Meteorite Armband, 3000 Gold
Alcapa: 15 Gold, Stone Fang
Now you can trigger an event back in Salabona. This doesn't need to be done just yet, but I recommend completing it if the kid's levels are around 30. If you don't want to do this now, go ahead to the next part of the walkthrough, complete that, then return. Back in Salabona, Ludman is panicing. He'll ask you to check out the colour of the pot in a shrine to the northwest. If it's red, return to him quickly. Now leave Salabona and head to the northwest.
Just as you probably suspected, the jar is red. Lovely. Return to Salabona.
A guard there tells you that Ludman is waiting for you to the west in the Tower of Viewing. Head there now.
Climb all the way to the top of the tower. Ludman explains that his great grandfather sealed away a demon long ago in that pot. The seal obviously has weakened enough for the demon to escape, and it will destroy Salabona now. Ludman leaves to make "battle preparations."
Conviently, right when he leaves, a rather large demon decides you'll make a nice snack after waking up from it's coma. Fun stuff. Kinda makes you wonder why no one ever KILLS the great evil... they always seal it up.
This battle can be really pretty rough considering Buorn's absurd amount of HP. Make sure the Son is at least level 23 so he can cast Barrier- it'll half the damage you take from Buorn's fire attacks. Have the Daughter cast Bikill on the Hero and the Son and then cast Decrease whenever Buron uses Upper. Have the Son cast Heallus when necessary.
After beating Buorn, grab the chest for the Final Key and return to Salabona.
Ludman is very happy that you killed the beast. Joy. With your Final Key, you can grab a Golden Tiara and 2 Small Medals in the Medal King's Castle and a Small Medal in Oracle Valley.