The Fall of the Order of Light


The Order of Light's influence is spreading- especially in Ruraphin. You can buy the Book of Ivol there for 3000 Gold. It seems Ivol is the High Priest of the Order. Now call Master Dragon.
Fly the Master Dragon towards the Great Temple in the mountains of the center continent.
Welcome to the Great Temple- you helped build this place when you and Henry were slaves. Head east and into the door before going anywhere else.
If you followed the walkthrough, you should have the Final Key. Open the cell door and talk to the guard. He'll say that the armor behind him is the Zenithian Armor and ask you to leave. Tell him no, and he'll attack you. He's a Snakehand- you've fought them before. He should die in 1 or 2 attacks.
Grab the Zenithian Armor and equip it on the Son. Now leave the chamber and head north into the Temple Plaza.
The soldiers wonder why you aren't i n there with everyone else for the lecture. They force you into the crowd.
The people are chanting for the Priest and... Lady Martha?
Talk to the soldiers again, and they say something's strange about you. Everyone here has had their souls removed, but you're different. They realize who you are and attack. Kill the 2 Dragon Warriors.
Make your way up to the stage- you see your wife's statue behind the nun. You can't do anything about her just yet- first talk to the nun. She reveals that she is Martha- your mother!
She asks if you want to hear her story about Papas, say yes, and she'll ask if you want to serve Ivol. Say no, or she'll curse you. She'll ask you if you wish to hear the story again- this time say no.
She's quite upset that you're opposing both Ivol and her. Tell her that she isn't Martha.
The monster reveals itself as one of Ivol's priests- Ramada. He promises to destroy your soul. Yay.
This battle is pretty easy- Cast Increase and Barrier as always. Have the Daughter casts Bikill. Just pound on Ramada until he's dead which shouldn't take too long.
Ramada gives the usual 'how can I lose' speech, and how you'll never beat Ivol. Sure, we believe you Ramada.
Everyone gets their souls back after this- it seems Ramada was holding onto all of them.
If you try using the Staff of Stoross on the statue of your wife, it won't work- the curse is too strong as long as Ivol is alive. We just got another reason to destroy him.
Head down and talk to the slave on the right of the staircase- it's Jijo, the kid that was stolen from the house you were a statue at. Looks like he's ok now.
Head back to where Ramada was standing and search to find a hidden staircase. Go down this staircase and the next one.
Remember this lovely place? Great times here. Head north and into the large cavern.
Seems this place has become much more impressive since you were last here. Head up the stairs and kill the guard. Head down the stairs and make your way north towards the chest with a Demon Claw inside.
Make your way west then south, looping your way around until you can access the staircase. Make sure to grab the Shield of Ruin and Slave Clothes before heading out of the western wing. Go down the stairs.
Head north to run into High Priest Ivol. Ivol is quite unhappy that you've ruined all of his plans. The Legendary Warrior was born despite his best efforts, you're still alive, and Ramada is dead. Now, he claims, it's his turn to change history. As Ivol attacks, all of your comrades from the Wagon arrive as backup so you can change your members out during the battle.
This battle is just plain hard. You'll probably do a fair amount of changing too. I recommend casting Increase, Barrier, and Bikill as always. I then generally switch Iria out for a stronger fighter such as Uncle that can do more damage. Ivol's Freezing Rays dispel all effects though so you'll have to bring characters back in to recast the spells. Keep this up, and cast Healus whenever Ivol casts Explodet, and you should be fine. I've found no evidence that the Book of Ivol makes this battle any harder. He almost seemed easier with it.
Ivol wonders why he's been defeated- questioning whether this was fate or not.
Ivol figures that he'll open the gate between the Demon World here himself. He says that Martha now serves Mildrath, and the only way you can stop her is to save her but doing so will end your family. In his dying breath, he tries to cast the spell opening the gate, but nothing happens. Seems like Mildrath isn't too pleased with Ivol anymore.
The Ring of Life is left where Ivol was- pick it up. It still has your mother's warmth about it.
As you leave the caverns, a voice comes from the Ring of Life.
It's Martha's voice- she wishes she could have been with you when you were a child. She promises never to let Mildrath leave the plane he is in, and she begs you not to come to try to defeat him. She says that even the Legendary Warrior can't stand a chance against Mildrath. She says to stay with your wife and children and forget about it. The voice fades away...
Upon rising back to the surface, you'll find that the statue of Bianca has returned to her normal form!
After so long, you're now reunited...
Back in Granvania, Bianca learns everything that's happened thus far.
The children are so overwhelmed with joy that they embrace their mother. A soldier comes up telling you that Ojiron must meet with you. Leave everyone and head downstairs.
Talk to Ojiron, and he asks if you plan on going to the Demon World. Say Yes, and he begs you not to go for the good of you, your family, and Granvania. Talk so Sancho who says he'll follow you wherever you go, but he believes Papas's wishes should be fulfilled- to save Martha.
Bianca says to do whatever you want to do, and she'll come with you. You know what you must do.