In the Beginning


The game opens with your father, Papas, pacing around in the throne room.

Suddenly, a servant comes down alerting him that his wife has just given birth to his son.

Upstairs, Papas tries passing around some names that would be fitting for a warrior. However, Maria has already decided that the boy should be named <insert character name here>.

Meh... it does have a zing to it...

Sadly, Martha dies after giving birth. The screen then zooms in on Papas holding the Hero.
The Hero wakes up after having a dream that he was a baby in a castle. Papas laughs and dismisses the dream and tells you to get some fresh air. Make sure to get the Medical Herb from the drawer.
After leaving your quarters, head to the Captain's Cabin which is through the door to the north.
Talk to the Captain, and he'll tell you that you should arrive at Vista soon. Leave the Cabin, and the ship will dock.
After docking, go talk to Papas back in your quarters.
Walk back up to the ship's deck and tell him you're ready to leave. If you didn't get the Medical Herb, you can tell him you aren't and can go back and get it from the drawers.
After getting off the boat, Papas is greeted by a man at Vista Harbor. He tells you to go off and play somewhere but not to wander to far off. This definitely means go outside and get in a battle.
Right when you leave the Harbor, you'll be attacked by the classics 3 Slimes. Papas will come in and rescue you after one of the slimes is killed. Papas easily wipes them along the floor. He checks if you're ok and casts Heal on you. He then will take you back home to Santa Rosa.
Upon arriving, everyone greets Papas and hopes to hear the tales of his adventures. He takes you back home.