To Fly Once More


To get to the Forest of Illusion (your next stop), head south from Salabona and head up the eastern coast of the area. Head west over the reef and then south onto the desert. Make your way south until you reach the strange patch of forest seen in the picture. Also, these maps will prove very useful...
First head north in the forest.
Head into the house and talk to the old man. He'll tell you that the path to the Faerie World is here, but you must be able to see the faeries to enter it. Make sure you have one of your kids with you. Search the house for a Small medal and an Elven Medicine. Leave the house and head north then east.
Head all the way south then east and north. Open the chest for a Faerie Sword. Head north then south for a chest with 1500 Gold.
Your daughter will mention that someone is by the fire. Walk north and talk to the invisible person.
It's one of the fairies- your son will tell you to follow him as he leads you to the Faerie World.
Follow him into the cave.
Head north and talk to Powan. She's glad to see you again.
Powan says that the Faerie Queen can help you and gives you the Faerie Horn. Now leave the Faerie Village.
Head north from the Ruined Tower to this lake.
Take the boat up to the lilypad and blow the Faerie Horn.
The fog clears up. Sail north to the Faerie Palace.
The Queen laments that she can't make the Orb you need- she does make an exact replica though. She says she can't manipulate the flow of time, but you can...
Head behind the hallway and first go east and down the stairs. Open the chest to grab a Thunder Staff and Princess Robe. Head back upstairs twice and head to the west. Examine the map, and you'll phase out.
You're back in Santa Rosa. Talk to everyone here including Papas- you can't talk him out of going to Reinhart though...
Then you can find yourself in front of the church. Talk to yourself, and the orb will be brought up.
Switch the orbs when he shows it to you to get the one you need. After talking to you, he heads off to the Faerie World. Now leave the village to reappear in the Faerie Palace. Return to Zenithia.
Head downstairs and and talk to Pusan, and he'll put the orb into place. The castle rises back into the air as the water drains.
Now look around the castle- grab a Small Medal, the Grappling Hook (which you must have to proceed), and a Sap of the World Tree. Interestingly enough, none of the Zenithians have heard of Pusan. Hmm...
Head upstairs to the throne and talk to Pusan. He's quite happy the Castle's back. Search behind the throne for the staircase and step on the switch. You can now pilot Zenithia. Our next stop is the Tower of Boble to the southwest.