Home, Sweet Home



Granvania is a city built entirely inside the Papas's castle. He designed it this way to protect the citizens. Look around the castle to find a Strength Seed, a Small Medal x2, Boxer Shorts, Acorns of Life, a Stone of Life, and aLace Bisuche.

Head up the two sets of stairs, past the barracks. Try to get into the throne room, but the guards don't believe you're part of the royal line.
It seems Sancho returned here alone some time ago. Every one was and still is upset that Papashas died. After talking to everyone, leave the castle and head to the house next to the walls.
Inside the house is Sancho himself talking to a nun. It's been a long time since you last saw him. Sancho takes a second to recognize you, and, once he does, he is overflowing with happiness. If you married Bianca, he'll have a couple of things to say to her too. He says he'll have to go tell Ojiron that the young master has returned.
Your uncle Ojiron, current King of Granvania, is very glad to see that you're well. He asks who your wife is, and she introduces herself, but she collapses again!
Ojiron panics, and your wife is moved to another room.
The nun examines your wife, and she says that she's quite alright and that there's good news. It turns out your wife is pregnant!
Your wife apologizes saying she was trying to keep it hidden from you so she could keep traveling with you. She apologizses and says she'll stay in bed so that you can have a healthy child.
Afterwards, head down to the throne room since Ojiron wants to see you. He'll congratulate you and say that he wants to give you the throne since he's not meant to rule. The chancellor objects saying you haven't passed the Cave of Trials yet. The King agrees and asks you to bring back the Symbol of Royalty. He'll have you rest before you set out though.
The next day, your wife is feeling much better. She's up and moving again which is good. Before leaving, talk to Sanco. He'll tell you that you weren't supposed to go on the trip with him originally. However, the Hero was crying so Papas decided to bring him along. Papas said that no one was to know that the Hero was a prince until they returned to the castle. Sancho apologizes saying that you must take the throne, or he'll never be able to face Papas in heaven. Now leave the castle.
Head to the northeast, and you'll find the Cave of Trials.
Head north and enter the door on the far right. Head back out. Now head in the second door from the left. Now head back to the previous room then head all the way to the south and down the stairs.
On the next floor, head north and go into the room. Open the chest for a Small Medal. Now head west, and you'll see the double doors. Push the rock so that the latch is a bit in front of it. Open the latch so that the water pushes you into the rock as it drains. Now head north and open the chest for the Swordedge Armor. Now open the door and head down the stairs. On the next floor, step on the left pannel and go down the stairs.
Head west towards the broken pillar, and you'll discover a hidden switch. Now head east and hit the eagle switch. A new bridge appears that stretches across the gap.
Head across the bridge and nab the Symbol of Royalty. Now attempt to leave the cavern.
You'll be stopped by some goons. It seems there are people who don't want you to succeed here. The two goons attack to try to steal the Symbol of Royalty from you.

Kandar and Shield Hippo:
This battle is really easy no matter what you do. The Shield Hippo can block attacks occasionally, other than that, just pound away on the two. If you're at least level 30, this battle shouldn't be a problem.

Now leave the cavern and head back home.

When you get back, talk to Ojiron. He congratulates you for retrieving the symbol. He asks the Chancellor to make the preparations and tell everyone that you'll be taking the throne. The chancellor seems to not mind doing it this time after his previous reluctance. Something's not right...
Just then, one of the attendants comes down and lets you know that your wife is in labor. Head on upstairs.
You're told to wait downstairs and leave it up to the experts. Your wife promises to have a healthy baby. Head downstairs, and talk to everyone. You'll be alerted that your wife has given birth. You now have the opportunity to name your son and daughter. After naming them, Bianca feels tired, so she goes to sleep.
The next morning, Bianca is better. The babies are all wrapped up, and it's the day of your Ascension Ceremony. Go on and head downstairs.
Ojiron will give you the throne after he preforms the ceremony. You'll be marched downstairs and presented to the people.
Everyone celebrates all day and most of the night. However, during the night you wake up. Head upstairs to your room.
The mid wife emerges with your children. She says that your wife told her to hide under the bed with the children because she felt an evil presense.
Sancho comes running upstairs and hears the horrible news too. He realizes that history is repeating itself- the same thing happened with Queen Martha.
The next morning, an emergency meeting is held. Ojiron says that the wine was obviously drugged, and the chancellor has gone missing... not very surprising. The guards are dispatched immediately to begin searching for the queen. Head into the Chancellor's old room and search the drawers to get the Flying Shoes. Use them, and you'll be teleported off..