Homeward Bound



Head east, and you should arrive at this continent. Enter the small shrine here which is Ned's Inn.

You'll learn that heading north will take you to Granvania, but you'll have to go through the mountain pass.
Exit the inn and head on north.
For the most part, the Mountain Path is rather straight foward. First, make your way to the east.
At this junction, first take the northeastern path for a chest with 550 Gold. Then return and head northwest.
At this next intersection, head up the stairs and head east. Grab the chest for a Ring of Prayer and then go down the stairs. Search the pots to find a Small Medal and a Demon Pot. Go down the next set of stairs.
Talk to the old woman and say you're lost. Accept her offer to spend the night.
During the night, you're woken up by your wife. She tells you that she hears something, almost like a blade being sharpened. When you try to get up to check it out, you realize that you're frozen. The old woman returns saying that she cast a spell trying to help you sleep better, but she guesses it didn't work. She sharpened your sword for you adding 5 to your strength. You and your wife go back to sleep. The next morning, head back upstairs and this time take the western path at the junction.
Now head west. Grab the chest for a Small Medal then head north. You'll want to then head east and into the cavern. If you married Flora, a soldier here will give you some Flowing Water Robes.
Head all the way west and grab the chest for another Small Medal. Now head north then east and into the cavern. Head up the stairs.
On this floor, make your way up the ledges and head south to exit the cavern.
You'll have reached the mountain top village of Chizod. You're halfway through with this place- now to get down the mountain.
As you walk on through the village, your wife will stop following you. This man notices that she's looking rather pale.
Talk to her, and she'll say that she's fine, just a little tired. She'll then collapse. The man helps you carry her into the inn. At the inn, the priest says she doesn't have a fever- it's just exhaustion.
The man that helped you carry her in tells you not to strain her and to take care of her. Your wife says she's fine, she just needs some rest. The next morning, she'll be fine, and the two of you can set out once more. Explore the town to find a Monster Lure, Fighter's Hair, and a Small Medal. The people in this town talk about Granvania, and how the King Papas hasn't returned from searching for the queen.
When you're ready, cross the bridge to the east of town and enter the cavern. Go down the stairs. Head down the next set of stairs too.
First head east to get treasure chests with a Mimic and 1500 Gold inside. Mimics drop Small Medals every time you kill them so I'd stick around there fighting them. After killing one, search the chest again for another one. Then head south for a chest with yet another Small Medal inside. Now take the southern passage outside.
You'll fall down and onto this ledge. Enter the cavern and make your way to the west. Head south and outside to repeat the process. Grab the chest for the Roaming Armor. Now head back inside. Head down the stairs.
First head north for a chest with a Leaf of the World Tree inside. Then head back and go east for chests containing another Mimic and a Small Medal. Now head south then west and outside. Grab the chest for another Small Medal. You just keep getting these things. Now head back inside and head east and go down the stairs. Nab the chest for 250 Gold then head outside and head into the next cavern. Head west and go down the stairs.
On the next floor, first head south to talk to the bard. He says a man named Sancho passed through here not too long ago. Now go back into the previous room. Head west for the chest with the Bomb Stone that's down the stairs. Now head east and up the stairs. Continue up until you reach a room with a chest and some pits. Grab the chest for 1600 Gold then head up the stairs. Continue up, and you'll find another Mimic. Keep going. The next floor has a Man-Eater and a Wing of the Wyvern.
Head into the center pit, and fall all the way down. Head south, and you'll hurtle to the ground. Open the chest for a Stone of Life. Enter the cavern. This last floor has an Agility Seed and a Man-Eater Chest. Now head west and outside then go south to exit the mountain pass.
Now head north to Granvania.