The Land of Fairies and a Horrible Loss



Once you're at the Elf Country, Bella will urgently hurry you to meet with Lady Powan.

Lady Powan will ask you to retrieve the Flute of Spring so that Spring will return to the land.
After agreeing, Bella will join the party to aid you. Make sure to buy new weapons and armor in the town and grab the Holy Water too. You'll hear that the Ice Mansion where all the commotion is going on is locked too, and the dwarves were thrown out of town for making the Thief's Key. You're going to have to get on of those.
Leave the town and head west to the home of the dwarves.
Once inside the cave, head south to the sign then walk west. Go north into a small cavern and open the 2 chests for 100 Gold and 25 Gold. Then head back onto the path and head south and go into the cavern on the east.
The dwarf in the cavern will allow you to have the key, but it's at the bottom of the cave. He asks you to take the key and bring Zaile, the person that stole the Flute, badck on the path of righteousness. Go back on the path and head south and down the stairs.
Now head north and take the left side of the cavern and go through the exit and go down the stairs.
On the next floor, first head east to get a treasure chest with an Agility Seed in it. Now head to the middle-eastern section and take the stairs down.
Head north and open the chest for the secrets of the key. Walk back south and unlock the door to reach 2 chests that contain 120 Gold and Acorns of Life. Head back to the surface.
Now head north to the Ice Mansion.
The Ice Mansion is very slippery so you cannot control your movement too well. Before entering, go to the northwestern corner of the mansion to get a chest with an Intelligence Seed. After entering, you'll fall into a hole. It is not difficult to work you way back upstairs. Once you have, head for the southwestern staircase.
In here, open the 3 chests to get a Wing of Wyvern and 5 gold- the northeastern chest is empty. Head back upstairs then head for the eastern staircase.
Work your way over to the child in the center of the roof.
The child is Zaile, and he's quite angered that you want the Flute back since Powan banished his grandfather from the village. To get the flute, you'll have to fight Zaile.
Recommended level: 10
Zaile is a very easy boss. Have the Hero and Borongo use their normal attacks on him, while Bella casts Surround. Once he has been affected by Surround, he'll miss most of the time allowing Bella to recover any damage that you have sustained.
It seems the Snow Queen told Zaile the lie about his grandfather. The Snow Queen is quite angry that Zaile failed so she decides to kill you herself.
Snow Queen:
The Snow Queen is alot more difficult than Zaile, but she still isn't too hard to handle. Surround will not work this time, but Decrease will. Have Bella cast Decrease and Heal on anyone that's been injured while the Hero and Borongo do their usual routine. The Snow Queen's Ice Breath attack can do around 15 damage to everyone which can be painful. The other attack to watch out for is her Charge Up which can kill Bella instantly.
After beating the Snow Queen, Zaile realizes what really was going on. He leaves to find his grandfather giving you access to the chests which contain the Flute of Spring and a Boomerang. Return to the Fairy Village.
Talk to Lady Powan, and she'll take the Flute back and play it returning the seasons back to normal.
Head back upstairs and talk to Sancho. He'll tell you that Papas has left for Reinhart and that you should catch up with him.
Head to the church, and you'll find Papas there offering a prayer before he sets out. He tells you that when you are ready, head to the entrance of the village.
Talk to Papas at the entrance at the entrance of Santa Rosa to set out for Reinhart.
On the way to Reinhart, you'll meet an old man that's divining Reinhart's fate based off the flow of the river... interesting.
In Reinhart, the King will want to talk to Papas alone giving you the opportunity to sack er... look around the castle. You can only find some Acorns of Magic for now.
Talk to everyone to learn the current situtation in the castle. It seems that the new Queen has some plans for her son Dale and doesn't seem to fond of Prince Henry who is next in line. The Queen has also been meeting with some unsavory characters.
Prince Henry isn't a bundle of joy though. He wants you to be his personal goon... meh.
It seems Papas has been asked to... baby-sit Henry. What a degrading job for a fine warrior, eh? Well go back to Prince Henry's room and Papas will ask you to try to make friends with Henry. Henry asks you to be his goon again and wants you to bring him the Goon Badge from the next room. When you go there, he disappears and reappears once Papas enters. This will go on indefinitely unless you search where Henry was standing...
Prince Henry is upset that you found his hiding place. Before much else can happen, 2 large men burst in and run off with Henry. He is placed in a small boat, and the men sail off. Go back upstairs and talk to Papas. He tells you to follow him and leaves town. Don't leave just yet; re-equip both the Hero and Borongo with the newest equipment.
Recommended Level: 14
Head northeast to the cave and go inside.
Head north through the opening in the first room. Head east, and you'll see Papas though you can't reach him yet. As you head east, go down the first set of stairs to get a chest with 180 Gold in it. Continue going east and head down the stairs for a chest with an Antidote Herb in it. Circle around the room to get another chest with a Strength Seed in it. Head west and go up the stairs and through the large door.
Head west and down the stairs and exit through the southern door.
Go south under the archs then head west, and you'll find Papas killing some monsters. After he defeats them, he says how proud he is of your coming this far. Papas will then join the party. Head north and hit the starfish block and a secret door will open to the north. Go through the door.
You can use the boat to manuever around in the next room. Get the chests with a Monster Lure and Elven Medicine. Head east and take the water exit to the north.
The boat will automatically dock near the jail. Papas will bash the door down so that you can get to Henry. As you try to escape, 3 Magicians come and attempt to stop you. Papas holds them off and tells you to escape with the Prince.
Once you reach the entrance, you'll find a rather evil mage blocking the way...
Of course battle must ensue... but this one you can't win. Go down fighting young hero.
Papas comes in to the rescue and defeats Gema's two minions easily. However, Gema is a very sore loser and places his Death Scythe to the Hero's throat. Gema threatens to end the Hero if Papas fights back. Sadly, Papas is then beaten by the minions as he stands enduring the blows.
Papas tells you that your mother still lives. Gema finds it rather interesting that Papas is still alive so he burns him to a crisp... poor Papas... Centarsus and Gonz take you away, and Borongo is left alone to regain his killer instincts. After they leave, Borongo runs around the room franticly in search of the Hero.
The screen says it all...