A Helmet in the Desert



Return to Port Selmi and talk to the sailor in front of the ship. He'll tell you that Ludman gave you permission to have the ship. You're also told to check out the tavern or some gossip. In the tavern, you'll learn that there is a great desert and a castle to the south. Now hop on the ship.

You'll want to reach this desert- it's the great one everyone is talking about.
But first, you should head east of this land to this small, tropical island. Here is the Medal King who collects all the Small Medals. Unlike the other games, you can buy multiples of the same items with your Small Medals.
In the oasis in the southeastern corner of the desert, you'll learn of the castle of Telepador to the west. Search the pots in this man's house for a Small Medal.
Head west, and you'll arrive at Telepador.
Welcome to Telepador. Arround town, you'll find a Wing of the Wyvern, Defense Seed, and a Small Medal. Enter the castle during the day since it's the only time it'll be open.
The castle is full of people that know about the Legendary Warrior. This castle actually has the Zenithian Helm inside. Head downstairs and talk to the Queen.
Queen Isis asks if you're here to pay homage to the Legendary Warrior. Say Yes and follow her.
She'll lead you to the Sealed Shrine you saw earlier.
She asks you to try to equip the Helm, but you aren't able to equip it just like the rest of the Zenithian equipment. Now head back to the gardens.
Explain to her why you're searching for the equipment, and she'll tell you to head east to Granvania, home of King Papas. King Papas? Hmm, well, now you have your next destination.