The Royal Cloak


Now take your Magic Carpet and fly it north of Santa Rosa to reach this cavern. Head inside.
Unlock the jail door and head inside. If you move the slab, a monster face will appear, and monsters will populate the floor. You'll see these slabs throughout the cave. Head north and exti.
On the next floor, makeyour way to the south and push the plate ovre the monster face to the north. Head north and down the stairs once you cover the face.
First on the next floor, head straight down to grab a Small Medal. Head to the room to the east of that for an Elven Amulet. Push the plate over the face in the southwestern room. Now head to the southeastern room and go down the stairs.
Start out in the next floor by heading east and grabbing the chest for a Demon Hammer. Now head back and head all the way to the north.
You'll need to cover all 4 of these monster faces before you can do anything else. Move the first one which is directly south of this room to the north and cover one of the faces.
Head to the west and move this slab back over another one of the faces.
Further south of the first slab is another one. Move this one up to the north and over another face.
The last slab is in a room to the southeast. Head down there and push this last slab over the last face.
The monsters will be banished from the area, and the Royal Cloak appears.
Grab the Royal Cloak- it's very nice armor for the Hero. Now leave the cave.