A Time for Revenge


Land Zenithia in the desert to the west of the Tower and head east and inside.
Head north to the main doors. They're locked so you won't be getting in that easily. Climb up the ladders to the top and get next to the notch. Use the Grappling Hook so you can lower yourself into the Tower.
Head down the stairs. Now head north through the door and go down the next set of stairs.
Grab the chest for the 41st Small Medal. Now head south through the door and make your way to the west then north and go down the stairs.
Head south into this room. Head up the stairs in the center of the room.
Talk to the nun, and she'll tell you that the Eyes of the Dragon have been stolen. After telling you this, she dies. Head back down the stairs and go into the northeastern door.
Head along the path to the west and go south through the door. Head east, and you'll see another loop. You can use the hook to go down there, but you can't do anything there just yet- the Dragon Eyes go into the Eyes of the Dragon Statue once you have them. For now, head through the northeastern door. Go down the staircase on the right to get a chest with 2700 Gold inside. Now go down the staircase to the left and head south through the door.
Head south, around the pit, and north through the door. You can jump in in case you want to skip a floor, but you'll have to walk back up to get the chest you miss. Head east making sure to get the chest for a Devil's Armor then head south through the door.
Head south then hit the switch. The switch opens up the main doors to the Tower so you can exit and re-enter whenever you wish. Head north and go down the stairs.
Make your way to the north across the poisonous floors and go down the stairs.
You'll arrive in this strange basement. Head west first for a chest with an Elven Medicine inside. Go down the stairs. Grab both chests for a Mimic and Small Medal. Head south and go up the stairs again.
Now head east then south and go down the stairs. Head east and go up the next set of stairs and head north.
You'll run into Gonz- you probably remember him from earlier. He was with Gema and helped kill your father. Time to avenge him.
This battle is a joke. Gonz only uses physical attacks. Cast Increase on the party and Decrease and Surround on Gonz to make this battle even easier. You shouldn't even need to heal before this guy dies.
After killing Gonz, open up the chest behind him for the Dragon's Left Eye. Now return to the center part of this floor.
This time, head north then east and go down the stairs. Head all the way to the south for a Shield of Darkness. Head back upstairs and go to the center. Head west again and go back down the stairs. This time, head back upstairs and head north to get across the water. Make your way to the northeast and go down the stairs.
Head north to see another familiar face- Gema, the one that killed your father. He's glad you're here since he can kill you now to correct his mistake of letting you live so long ago.
Gema can be pretty rough with his Paralysis spells. I recommend giving the Son the Elven Amulet so he can cast Numboff if the others get paralyzed. Begin the battle by casting Barrier and Increase while the other members pound away on Gema. I recommend having someone cast Bikill if you can. After a lot of pounding, Gema will eventually fall. Papas has been avenged.
Gema is stunned that he's been beaten. He praises the High Priest and dies. Head back up to the point where you can lower yourself onto the Dragon Statue.
Insert the Dragon Eyes into the Dragon Head statue.
After inserting both of them, the mouth opens and the tongue becomes a bridge between the sides. Drop off the side of the head.
Climb back up and cross the bridge to enter the statue. Head down the stairs.
Head down either ladder on the next floor. Ignore the loop for now.
Grab the Dragon Staff at the bottom- it's an excellent weapon for the Hero. It'll let him cast BeDragon. I gave his King Metal Sword to Uncle. Now head back up the ladders. Use the Grappling Hook on the loop to land on the ledge. Head in through the door.
Head north around the barrier on the floor to reach the Dragon Orb. Grab it and leave the Tower and return to Zenithia.
Back in Zenithia, it seems Pusan has been caught. Everyone has been wondering who this man is.
Pusan is glad to see you've returned- he doesn't seem worried about anything that's happening. He asks to see the Dragon Orb. Give it to him, and he begins meditating on it.
Suddenly, he reverts to his true form- the Master Dragon. The Master Dragon had been running around in human form, but he became stuck. The Demon Lord has opened the gate between our world and the demon world and seeks to come through. The Master Dragon gives you the Heavenly Bells so you can summon him- he's the final mode of transportation.