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Welcome to the Star Ocean: Second Story Shrine! This is the sequel to Star Ocean 1 (for the Super Famicom/SNES) and the direct prequel to Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, for Game Boy Color (all 12 characters from SO2 come back in SO:BS). In turn, SO:BS inspired the anime Star Ocean EX.

A game this huge was impossible to cover all by myself, so enlisted the help of many FAQ writers to ease the load. The vast majority of information was double-checked by me, though. I highly suggest you read the introduction to the shrine to see how things are set up and how to read abbreviations etc. If you can't see something specifc on the table of contents to your left, please try the Site Map Pop-Up.

Currently Maintained by: Drak

Site Updates

April 13, 2002: Another Gamer updated his Spell Absorption FAQ yet again.

January 14, 2002: Thanks to Tanner Curry and Sue for pointing me to a way to win the Yarma Cooking Set in the Cooking Master contest in Fun City.

December 30, 2001: Fixed the world maps, I think. O_o Also, for all those wondering where the Fake Gallery is: Check the Shopping List. ^^;

December 26, 2001: LordDeathScream corrected info for the Healing Ring, Infinity Ring, and Mind Ring. Another Gamer updated his Spell Absorption FAQ, having found two new compatible elements and a new strongest spell combination!

June 24, 2001: Added pictures for ALL the items! Also added info on what Iselia-queen drops; thanks to Cenyc Oakskin for the info.

June 12, 2001: Shrine created. A few blanks still around (mainly in the Enemies and Pickpocketing pages) but we'll see what we can do about those. 8-)

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