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The Quest Begins

Before doing anything , make sure this is your group :Fighter (knight), Figther (knight), White Mage (W.Wizard), Black Mage (B.Wizard)

This is the ideal group because the black belt (master) is useless against the final boss unless you're at ridiculously high levels , the thief (ninja) wouldn't be a bad choice , because he's a bit cheaper than the fighter throughout the game and he can use black magics instead of white magics when you change his class , but he's weaker . You might think to equip him masamune (best sword , found in the Temple of the Fiends at the end of the game)to compensate , but to a fighter or even to white wizard , it's just as usefull and since the fighter is more likely to attack stronger and the wizard to heal , you make the decision .

Basic things you should and should not do : never run away . Don't be a coward . If you can't win a fight , you most likely need to gain levels . I'll admit some monsters can be nasty; those that can kill a character in strike like the sorcerer, perilisk and cocatrice need to be evaded.

Never let one of your characters die . Reset . It's not worth the delay of having to pay for his resurrection at the clinic (or by a spell later on in the game) and it's not worth the delay of his gaining levels. Besides, you shouldn't die at the right levels .

Save very often . If you get screwed , you won't have that much to regain (beleive me , in this game , you don't want to redo everything , you'll hate it for it).

Find the good experience gaining spots . I'll give you some good ones, but try to find your own , it's like a box of chocolates , you never know what you're gonna get .Wasting your time will make ths game a horrible experience .

Use my maps

Behold Corneria! This is where your quest begins. You will have to buy weapons and magics obviously. You should get1 rapier and 1 chain mail for each fighter, and some clothes for your mages spells fire and cure. Talk to everyone and you'll learn that the evil Garland has kidnapped the princess. Before you take him on , fight the imps around Corneria until you're about level 3 , you'll really kick his butt then. Buy lit and harm with the money you're going to make .
Go north, to the Temple of the Fiends. The few chests there aren't worth the trouble of fighting all those monsters. Wait until you have the KEY from the elf prince ( later in the game ) before returning for some pretty cool weapons . There are a couple of locked doors in the Temple of Fiends , so don't you think it's better to make the trip once ?
Enter the room above the entrance to meet Garland
Save the grateful princess.You'll be warped to Corneria Castle after talking to her.
You won't be able to access some chambers of the castle because inside are some pretty useful treasure chests . Every locked room will contain valuable treasure chests. You need the KEY to open these doors. Talk to the king to learn that he has built a bridge right over Corneria.
Talk to the princess and you'll receive the LUTE (you need it in the end of the game ) .
If you go as far north as you can after you cross the bridge , you'll reach Matoya's cave. There, you'll talk to many brooms who will help you with a few tricks. You'll learn that Matoya is blind and the dark elf has stolen her seeing CRYSTAL. Not being able to do anything , go east to Pravoka, a port town.